Drinkers Trivia!

Drinkers Trivia!   What is the one alcoholic beverage, that contains a minimum of TWO person’s names in it, and can even go on to encompass FOUR names? photo credit – jan-peter   GIVE UP?       It’s called, the John Daly! (And I had this in the States, on my last work trip) […]

Who am I?


Siapa-kah saya? Cuba teka.. Please guess, who I am… Where you have seen me.. What my name is.. When did I live on the big screen?       Now tell me.. which restaurant you will find me and my friends, in! P Ramlee awaits your answers!

Where did we eat?

Can anyone guess, where did these usual suspects eat? @kyspeaks @fatboybakes @boo_licious @llemongrass @alilfatmonkey @paprika . . post coming right up!

Contest Friday

QUESTION: 1. WHO’S TATTOO IS ‘ALILFATMONKEY’ LOOKING AT , and 2.WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Be the first person to answer the following question correctly on both Cumi & Ciki and alilfatmonkey’s blog to win yourself a fabulous prize. Remember, you need to answer on both blogsites, correctly to be eligible. Trust me, you’ll want this […]

The weekend of "What am I’s.."

Looks like nasi lemak. Smells like nasi lemak. BUT, it ain’t nasi lemak. What am I.. ?

"What am I?"

This object was produced over dinner by one of our friends. The person said – Guess what this is… We cracked our brains.. and come up with nothing.. Can you guess? (oh.. this is so easy I know, but the next one is going to be harder:P)

Guess what …?

(a)What am I? (b)What am I? Our next eating excursion, starts here, in these humble beginnings.. Can you guess what (a) is, what (b) is? Can you guess what we ate?! (easy la.. child’s play right;P)

Carcass lovers

My colleague is a vegetarian. She is often the butt of much ridicule – what to do.. they are picky eaters, high maintenance, self-righteous, overly sensitive… “Ee-yew…oh,i couldn’t eat that… it’s like… a CARCASS..!” But vegetarians should rejoice in the good company they keep (well, except for Hitler). Here is a list of just some […]

the last supper

ok .. here’s my last meal.. (in reference to my blog on the “indie rock” effect) Malay Soup Ekor Hainanese Pork Chop Hokkien Mee Indian Chapati/Dhal/Mutton/Rice Nyonya Cakes German Beer Irish Coffee 2 Dormicum … Lights Out… 😛

the "indie rock" effect…

There’s an old maxim out there that goes something like this – whenever someone asks you for your favourite places to eat, you never state your absolute favourite. The idea here is that you don’t want the place to lose whatever nuances it may have due to increased popularity (haha!). Kinda like how, when an […]


Which country consumes the most scotch, per capita ? The answer is…. GREECE! (link) . . . And which do the readers prefer… Chocolate of Vanilla? The majority (but only by a small gap)… prefer… CHOCOLAT !!! Ok la.. chocolate ice-cream on me! lol:)

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