Popo Steamboat Cafe @ Kepong

Broth is the essence of any good steamboat. That and the Chili sauce.. Uncle Tony mutters. I am inclined to agree. And if broth is the essence, then thick, sweet and peppery pig intestine soup has got to be the pièce de résistance at Popo Steamboat.

Steamboat at Chef Choi

Beloved by many Malaysians, a steamboat is a tureen of stock that’s kept simmering at the table, and friends and family gather around to dine on food that has been painstakingly prepared, with much love. The Steamboat at Chef Choi is so pretty to look at that one cannot but stop to admire, the food […]

Steamboat at Elegant Inn

Imagine our amazement when we were told that Elegant Inn now offers steamboat for dinner. Not just any old sort of steamboat, but rather high quality ingredients, that go with an equally fantastic stock. Most of the time, I try to slink low and avoid eye contact when someone suggests steamboat for dinner. I find […]

Blowing off Steam.. Steamboat!

What makes a steamboat meal so special? Is it that fact that everyone needs to crowd round the dining table, waiting for that simmering metal pot of stock at the center to come to a boil? Is it the fact that one needs to time precisely when the ingredients are placed into the pot and […]

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