Outback Steakhouse @ Nu Sentral KL

Outback Steakhouse, the American franchise with an Australian theme, has opened its steakhouse doors in Nu Sentral. While being an eatery that promotes hearty steaks, what folks are less aware of is probably the fact that this restaurant offers a lot more too, by way of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. Portions at the […]

Marble 8 for Fabulous Steaks!

If you’re as mad about great steaks as I am, then you have to visit Marble 8. On the right, dry aged beef; on the left, wet aged beef, served without sauce, only with a choice of 3 salts, sides of Asparagus & Baked portabello mushrooms garlic, chili salsa 

Steak out @ The Restaurant, Saujana

If the thought of a lightly charred Angus steak, or a massive Wagyu burger makes you salivate, then you will be happy to know that in conjunction with the month of August from the 1st to 31st, Chef Alexander Waschl of Saujana Hotel, has created a menu, showcasing several awesome hunks of meat! Black Angus Beef […]

Grill 582 @ Best Western Premier Dua Sentral

Grill 582 is not the place to study the latest contortions of molecular haute cuisine. But it is exactly the place for anybody who needs to recharge by plugging straight into a nice, juicy steak or straight-out-of-the-ocean-fresh seafood. With an open concept kitchen, manned by just two staff, it is a marvel that Chef Siti […]

Chambers Grill @ KL Hilton

Ah.. I do love my meat. And there is nothing more sexy, than that elusive steakhouse char, or when the grill actually gets it right. Well, it’s not rocket science – steak that’s dipped in a combination of butter and oil, coated with a generous layer of himalayan salt and cracked black pepper, and seared […]

The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

The Steakhouse, for Urban Carnivores, on Changkat Bukit Bintang Should KL’s relentless frenzy for new restaurants ever wear you down, consider a visit to this institution for urban carnivores. The latest establishment by Werner Kuhn, The Steakhouse is a 40-seater steak joint along Changkat Bukit Bintang and adjacent to The Whisky Bar. With beef imported […]

Gobo Upstairs @ Traders Hotel KL

We pay Gobo Upstairs a visit, in search of the ultimate steak.. There are some steaks that are a pleasure to eat. They need nothing more than a little salt and pepper to bring out their beefy goodness, and adding anything more, would be a travesty. This special cut, that I am talking about, should […]

Our Top 8 Favourite Steak Joints in Town


There’s a steakhouse on every corner of the city these days, but where can you go to enjoy a piece of beef, that suits every occasion and mood of dining? Like take us two hungry monkeys for example, we sometimes like dining on high end gourmet steak in tres chi-chi, contemplative surroundings, but sometimes, we […]

Jake’s Charbroil Steaks


The definitive old-school Jake’s steakhouse, complete with tacky cowgirl waitresses out front, the now-shopworn Jakes has seen better days. But it still serves up some very decent steaks in town, and the experience is inimitable. Who would have thought that, with the resurgence of this neighborhood as an eating hub for diners, Jake’s has been […]

Prime Time

Feeling anaemic? Want to eat the Best Steak in Kuala Lumpur? During the month of April, Prime introduced for the first time, the Wagyu thick skirt steak. What this means is now, more people can enjoy the great quality of a Wagyu steak without paying exorbitant prices. This humongous steak is priced at approximately RM […]

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