A Gonzalez Byass Wine Dinner @ Grand Hyatt KL

Up till this point, I had never heard this word spoken as often as I did this past week, Bodegas. And when you talk about Bodegas, you talk about Sherry. Bodegas are actually storage houses where sherry is aged and matured. And up till today, I only knew of one sort of Sherry. The sweet […]

Cava and the Cvné Wines from Rioja, Spain

We recently attended a Wine Dinner at Cava, Jalan Bangkung Bangsar with the Wine experts of Cuné wines, Mr Oscar Urrutia and Mr Roderick Hull. Cuné or Cvné, is situated in the traditional neighbourhood of Rioja, where the oldest wineries of Rioja Alta have established themselves. In 1879, two brothers decided to set up a […]

10 Things I Love About My City, Madrid


Madrid is a sophisticated city that receives thousands of tourists each year. But what do we locals love about the Spanish capital? Read on for my very own personal list. And if you’re looking to visit yourself, and looking to make your money go a long way, you can find budget accommodation in Madrid on […]

Barcelona in Bold


Barcelona brims with personality: we have the up-and-coming Carolina de Santis of videotrueque and her rather bohemian clients, for example. Need to run naked with a Goorin sombrero placed strategically to promote your brand? (This is the ‘before’ shot, below). Sure can do. As said of the video, “Correr desnudo por el Raval sólo con un […]

How Spanish has made me a better person


This weeks guest-writer is no stranger to us. Her uber-cool blog called “Bacon is Magic” makes us laugh, cry, salivate and thump the table in agreement with her lively travel anecdotes. Here is Ayngelina with her post on “How Spanish has made Me a Better Person”.   Last April I arrived in Mexico to spend […]

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