Rama V & the Songkran Festival with Janet Lee


It was a good thing that, instead of dunking us in water, the good folks of Rama V, used a pandan leaf, soaked in scented water, to gently bestow some good luck sprinkles on our shoulders. Otherwise, we would have been thoroughly soaked, as this was Thai Songkran, the mother of all water festivals. The […]

Songkran @ Erawan


I’m glad I was not in Thailand for Songkran. Armed with water guns, the weekend of Songkran, is a great excuse Thai folks to shoot girls and boys and tourists alike with water. Of course, the boys, girls and tourists shoot back. Needless to say, this is the country’s most popular festival, which runs every […]

Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion & the Songkran Festival


Firstly, Happy Songkran to all our Thai readers! This year we celebrated the festival of water, just last weekend, at Erawan with the owners of this fine Thai restaurant. The food and company was superb. Lotus Flower Petal Salad Secondly, let’s just just say that the time of year is upon us again! It’s time […]

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