Top 3 Things to Do in Beijing

Everyone has their own To Do List in Beijing. It all depends on where you are coming from – if you are single or married, if you have kids or not, if you are looking for art and culture or the hottest new club or bar in town.. because Beijing does cater to all these […]

ION Orchard @ Orchard Road, Singapore

Have I said enough times that this is currently my favourite shopping mall in Singapore.. ION Orchard by night is really pretty. Ads are bright enough to illuminate the streets forever. Skipping Lights Display. Waiting around.. All dolled up with no place to go. Girls getting ready to party on a Friday night. Pit stop […]

The Singapore trip thus far…

Things I liked about Singapore in the past 2 days.. How exciting and funky some of their nail parlors look, How hardcore and obsessive the girls are about make-up, korean stars.. well, actually, make up AND korean stars.. Things I did not like about Singapore in the past 2 days.. Being served Duck feet with […]

Shopping in Singapore

This sums up how I feel when people open my shoe cupboard and see the ridiculous number of shoes I own.

The Nautilus Project @ ION Orchard, Singapore

I am in Singapore this week! Orchard Road.. shopping mecca.. and now, ION Orchard:) The first shop ever on Orchard Road was TANGS founded in 1934 and established on Orchard Road in the 1950s. Orchard Road is flanked by pedestrian malls. The latest addition, ION Orchard has the distinction of also being a future residential […]

Pick N Brew @ 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

After lunch one day, moseying around 1utama, we decided to go pay Jackson a visit at Pick n Brew. We like the laid back, modern feel of this place – each chair is wide and comfy and most convenient for lounging be it internet surfing or just sitting around ‘lepaking’ with your mates. For me, […]

Juicy Couture & The Loaf @ Pavilion Shopping Center, KL

What can i say… sometimes i wish i LIVED here! I mean, Juicy is just so sunshiny-happy.. that nothing bad could ever happen here! haha… (sounds like b’fast at tiffany’s or not?!) Owned by the Liz Claiborne fashion company, Juicy is famous for their terrycloth and velor tracksuits. PINK reindeer wall deco… girls you’ve got […]

Burberry Blue Label – Shopping in Ginza

Shopping Post… I like !!! When we got to Tokyo, we were told that there was this delightful line from Burberry… called… Burberry Blue label… Being the ‘shi–shi‘ pharmaceutical employees that we are, we couldn’t resist the exclusivity of the whole deal.. i mean… how nice is that.. telling someone you got a handbag… that […]

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