Happy Halloween Readers!

From ghoulies and ghosties, Long-leggety beasties, And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us. -Anonymous Happy Harroween! From AWOL via Cumi&Ciki.. for the viewing pleasure of many more! MWuahaahaha!

The Butter Factory @ One Fullerton, Singapore

The thing I like best about my Singapore trips is that there is always something new to do, some place new to visit. One Fullerton is made up of a mix of offices and restaurants occupying a strategic location – gorgeous for daytime and nighttime photography! Its eclectic mix of food and beverage outlets, from […]

Pot Luck

No, no.. these are not Manhunt Malaysia’s finalists.. . . . ..but rather, part of the hungry MOB at Pey2’s Fabulous PotLuck, hosted at Nigel’s! 1. FBB and wife – Pear & Ginger and Spinster/Spencer 2. Ciki & Qwazymunky – Charsiew from Paramount Gardens 3. Pey Pey – Chocolates with essential oils 4. Unkaleong & […]

Pacifica @ Mandarin Oriental, KL

This must be underwater love The way I feel it slipping all over me This must be underwater love The way I feel it O que que é esse amor, dágua Deve sentir muito parecido a esse amor This is it Underwater love It is so deep So beautifully liquid Esse amor com paixão, ai […]

The Blue Ribbon

In symbolism, blue ribbon is a term used to describe something of high quality. The usage came from The Blue Riband, a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by passenger liners, also refers to the blue ribbon worn by a particular order of knights. The French for the term is ‘Cordon […]

Virtual Insanity: High times at Sepang F1 with Jamiroquai?

WE like music we like a party we like pyrotechnics we like a well organised event we like a kick-a$ soundsystem we like JAMIROQUAI BUT we have no interest in Formula 1 except maybe the lego version. We need a Little L from YOU THE VISITOR IF its worth PAYING RM100 per pax for the […]

Ozeki Japanese KL, Sultan Lounge & Rats Tails @ Jalan Sultan

Ozeki. During Earth hour, we watched the Petronas Twin towers disappear before our very eyes, from behind the glass of Ozeki. That gaping black space was a cool reminder to ‘vote earth’ and keep up the good fight against global warming/climate change. Do your part and reduce your carbon footprint so that future generations may […]


VALENTINE SCHMALENTINE … All the kissing couples, And teddy bears in mugs, Annoying heart-shaped balloons, And huge pink cards with HUGS The dinner menu is exorbitant, Better find something else to munch, So me, myself and my blogger friends, Will celebrate with some brunch. The 14th of the second month, Is just another day, Better […]

Nero Teca @ Lorong Ceylon, KL – Music is round.. music is square

You will notice that this is not really a food post. Instead this is a post on how good company and good friends, make a dinner outing meaningful and enjoyable. Good food and music helps too, of course:) You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same […]

RAW @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Farewell LPW.. you will be missed! As our good friend and colleague moves on to greener pastures, we wish him all the best and send him packing with a Bang! What better place to celebrate than at that relatively new party area in Mont Kiara. Compared to its London or New York namesake, this is […]

Nobu @ Down Town San Diego – Dance lil lady dance…

Downtown San Diego.. on a Saturday night… Any place worth entering…. Has a massive, massive queue… Being too lazy to queue… we decided to have drinks 1st .. at a bar nearby… mmmmmmm…. nothing hits the spot like the 1st beer of the day… finally… time to hit NOBU for dinner… The blue electric guitar […]

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