Movie Review: Adam 2009


Tis the season of love! Henceforth, a ballad to pull at your heartstrings from the movie Adam. Send or stalk(!) your Valentine with this tune! Joshua Radin rekindles and ignites our spirit with his signature sound that has blessed several movies/sitcoms such as Scrubs and Garden State. If you want to overdose on the love […]

Movie – Saw VI (2009)

I don’t care if people think that the whole SAW franchise thing is lame or that the movie is stupid. I love SAW! As far as I am concerned, the gore, the B-grade acting (and B grade actresses with big breasts e.g. Jigsaw’s wife) , the insane flashbacks and twists in plots till I don’t […]

Movie – Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land

I cannot understand mandarin! Im a banana.. however, even this ignoramus banana, found the following Stan Lai film amazing. Anyway, Monday nights are movie nights at the Annexe Gallery (Central Market KL). ‘Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land’ is a Taiwanese film written and directed by Stan Lai, featuring Christopher Doyle as director of photography. […]

Movie – Zombieland 2009

photo from here I love Woody Harrelson in most movies… he’s one of my all time fav ‘funny-men’ and have you seen him in that movie, dressed up as a tranny? Unbelievable. Anyway, what’s better than Woody Harrelson? Both Woody Harrelson AND Bill Murray in the same movie! Two of the funniest guys alive. Zombieland.. […]

Movie – The Informers (2009)

If you once thought to yourself.. I wanna be a rockstar when I grow up.. This show will make you think twice. Image from here. “The Informers” follows the sordid life of a couple of young, rich, bored, talented(?) Los Angeles kids. There are the spoiled rich kids who spend their nights doing drugs (and […]

Movie – District 9

Since this has been a rather long weekend (for those working in Selangor), we’ve been catching up on movie watching. Another great movie that had me gnashing my teeth and gnawing my nails was District 9. Alien beings living amongst men, in slum-like conditions, exploited and un-loved/un-wanted.. one day, a government agent’s life is changed […]

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