La Fiesta Espanola – La Bodega The Shore, Malacca

I used to think that Malacca’s shopping centers weren’t as exciting at KL’s. That was until The Shore Malacca opened. And, we would not have known about this cool mall, had we not been invited for the opening of La Bodega in Malacca, last week.


Because the submissions were so good, we have a TIE! After the judges (Kenny Mah , Cumi & Ciki) deliberated day and night for 3 days and 3 nights, they have finally reached a unanimous decision. The two winners for the Caption Writing Contest are.. 1. Breadpitt (MALAYSIA) 2. Marnie (Philippines) Congratulations – we will […]

10 things that will happen to you when a Malaccan boy, takes you to Malacca

1. He will feed you breakfast till you are stuffed.. . 2. He will drive you carefully on the highway to Malacca.. The Malaccan boy is amazing. Equipped with only his hands (for driving) and his mouth (for talking) he can single-handedly carry on a conversation without stopping, from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca town. Throw […]

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