Truffle butter. It’s not some snooty food obsession to turn up your nose at. It is a cult initiation that only the privileged are handed the password to. It is an illicit love affair with no way out. It is a taste like no other. One sniff. One slather. You are totally hooked. Close your […]


The term Bubu can mean one of three things: 1. A Fish Trap, mainly employed for hunting fish by the indigenous people of Malaysia. 2. Name for an Island resort on Perhentian Island Malaysia, the Bubu Long Beach Resort. 3. Name of a Restaurant in KL, owned by the same people who opened the Bubu […]

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant @ One Bangsar, KL

Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant at One Bangsar – we love this place since it moved to the upstairs of the same building, along the One Bangsar row of bungalow restaurants. Downstairs is now Saigon, the club. Thank goodness the noise of the bar does not filter upstairs and you can hardly hear the ruckus going on […]

Kolam 77, Restoran Sawadee 88 @ Jalan Chan Sow Lin, KL

Kolam 77,  fishing pond, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, is spanking new.. When you see the sign however, you will get a rude shock. Don’t let the dirty rubbish put you off.. if you stick to the ‘off the beaten track’ side road for just a little whilst more, you will be rewarded with great […]

Daikanyama @ Changkat Bukit Bintang – Harajuku Harroween 2009!

Blastique rocked the decks and we rocked the night! Daikanyama KL, partied with Demons, Harajuku Princesses, Sultans, Zombies and Ghouls.. till the wee hours of the morn. Girls just wanna have fun.. Harajuku princesses getting ready for the night out.. Bald Eagle.. where’s the love… ? Someone removed BE’s “kawaii” bone.. and didn’t give it […]

Daikanyama @ Changkat Bukit Bintang – RAW: The Acoustic Sing-Along Series No.1

A couple of days ago, we were invited by our good friend Barri, to RAW – The Acoustic Sing-Along Series No.1, at Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang. Most of you who know, or have been to Daikanyama are probably wondering, where on earth, this rather cozy restaurant, could possibly have space to hold parties etc.Well, the […]

Moghul Mahal Northern Indian @ Brickfields, KL

Moghul Mahal is pronounced Moghul Meh-hel  and it means, Moghul Palace. how grand! Good After Noon is a greeting offered, when one walks in for lunch at this restaurant! Fennel – on the house People normally eat this last in any good Northern Indian restaurant but I love to eat it first as I enter the shop. […]

Movie – Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land

I cannot understand mandarin! Im a banana.. however, even this ignoramus banana, found the following Stan Lai film amazing. Anyway, Monday nights are movie nights at the Annexe Gallery (Central Market KL). ‘Secret Love In Peach Blossom Land’ is a Taiwanese film written and directed by Stan Lai, featuring Christopher Doyle as director of photography. […]

Restoran Zhen Liew Shiang @ Sentul, KL

In the event of a holiday, such as Deepavali, and one needs to travel far and wide to search for food… One should always, check that one is completely equipped with the following. Seat-belts & designer t-shirts, Frame 1 .. CHECK. Seat-belts & designer t-shirts, Frame 2 – CHECK. Stylo-mylo cameras – CHECK. beer – […]

The Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KL

My Invitation read: The Royal Norwegian Embassy cordially invites you to its annual Seafood Gala Dinner. Date: Friday October 9, 2009 Time: 7pm Place: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Ballroom Wow! We felt so privileged to be on the press guest-list that night, thanks to the highly accomplished Ms Marian Eu ( of Scribe Media Link and […]

Pacifica @ Mandarin Oriental, KL

This must be underwater love The way I feel it slipping all over me This must be underwater love The way I feel it O que que é esse amor, dágua Deve sentir muito parecido a esse amor This is it Underwater love It is so deep So beautifully liquid Esse amor com paixão, ai […]

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