Jalan San Peng Har Mee Stall @ Jalan Loke Yew, KL

Based on past blogger’s comments and feedbacks on my blog on Tiger Jit Singh Chapati, I decided to heed their advice and check out the Har Mee/Lam Mee stall just a few blocks away. Thanks for the tips, food bloggers They were right! As we approached the place.. the smell of Har Mee hung thick […]

Huat Kee Fish Ball @ Jalan Lok Yew, Tiger Jit Singh Capati @ San Peng Flats

Huat Kee Fish ball on Jalan Loke Yew was recently closed for 10 days and this was our second visit back to try the dancing fish balls… Lucky for us, it was open this time! Touted as one of the BEST fishball in KL, we just had to try it! Since the build up to […]

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