Hung Kee Rice Shop Ipoh

Every time  I get to go back to Ipoh for work, I get really excited. 1. it’s my hometown 2. I get to see my grandparents (aged 94 and 89) and 3. I get to pig out on good food. Also, being from Ipoh and everything, I thought I knew most of the great places […]

Happy Cones Ipoh

Another one of my ex-colleagues has started up his own business in Ipoh. I am so proud of him! It’s called Happy Cones and they are in the business of making ice-creams and yogurt fixes for everybody! OK, maybe not everybody but mainly Tesco shoppers and visitors from KL or outside Ipoh, like moi. Presenting […]

Big Tree Foot @ Pasar Pinji, Ipoh

This tree Is not only a tree It is a special tree, that is always watching over you. This tree Is not only a tree It is a magical tree. That feeds you and feeds you, Thirst is quenched, And nerves are soothe. This tree Is not only a tree, It is where everything started. […]

Restoran Xin Quan Fang Curry Mee @ Ipoh New Town, Ipoh

I get really excited when I see that Police Station ! Oops.. i get so excited i don’t know NEW from OLD! Lol.. thanks reader for pointing it out ! It means that GOOD FOOD is just a STREET away. I can’t wait. It’s killing me. There it is! I honestly don’t ever remember the […]

Soon Fatt Bao and Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa, Ipoh

A Brief intermission to talk about my 2 other favourite SNACKS in Ipoh… The FAMOUS BAO! and the FAMOUS TAU FU FA! First the BAO (Dumpling). This is the place we normally tapau our BAO – Soon Fatt. My aunt says.. just say Soon Fatt Bao – everyone knows la ! OK, ok, … so […]

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