Mumm’s the Word!

The Mumm Champagne Brunch at Prego, Westin Kuala Lumpur These food bloggers are not just happy.. they are really happy. “Here’s to Champagne, the drink divine, that makes us forget all our troubles; It’s made of a dollar’s worth of wine, and three dollars worth of bubbles.” Madame Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. (1721 […]

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Photos that Inspire me to Travel

Happy #TravelTuesday! Here is a lovely lady and friend from Toronto, Janice who has been there, done that.. and well, has probably out-traveled many of us. Here is her post on Photos that Inspire her to travel! Some people may be very specific about what inspires them to travel. If asked to present photos that […]

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I always use to think of 7atenine as more of a bar/club than a restaurant. Trendy and cool, this is a great place “to be seen” and also to people watch. From the deep house that plays to the swanky deco and strobing lights, it is easy to see how I could have been mistaken. […]

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Mr. Mak’s Fish Head

When we read on Pureglutton about her losing and finding her favourite Fish Head Noodles, we heaved a big sigh.. Sighhhhh. When were we going to be as lucky as Ms. Pureglutton and find our Lost Sweet and Sour Pork Man, we wondered. If only the stars look upon us as favorably and reveal the […]

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Interview with Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille

Those of you who have seen this post, know that Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio, is the new buzz word on the street. Me, I know Nathalie personally because she was once my baking teacher. Yes, Ciki actually bakes and cooks, though she claims she does not, because anyone can cook really, for survival, but not everyone […]

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10 Ways to Experience the Malaysian Night Market

Adventure Rob was in town on a really tight schedule, en route London. The SMS read – I’m free for dinner, what’s the plan? Since it was a Sunday and Cumi & Ciki’s routine is normally to visit the *T.T.D.I. Night Market or ‘Pasar Malam’ (after Cumi’s basketball game), we decided to drag Rob along […]

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Inception grows and spreads like a Virus

Inception, the latest piece of work from director Christopher Nolan will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire 2.5 hours of the show. Initially I was dubious.. EVERYBODY was raving about it and I was so sure I’d hate it. The plot –  A team of dream raiders are able to […]

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Cava .. go over and get Tapas-faced

Have you heard of the Cava Tapas Promotion? Where for the price of just RM75, one can get 8 types of Tapas, flaunt one’s new nose job (lil fat monkey) , cam-whore a new shade of blonde.. and finally, have one’s cake and eat it! (OK, ok..  the cake was on the house, the “nose […]

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Thanks for sharing the Passion

This post is dedicated to my buddy Joe of Lots of Cravings.. he will be off to the land Down-under soon, to start the next chapter of his oh so ‘Young’ life! We will always remember Joe, Hairyberry and Masak-masak as one of the 1st few people/food bloggers who found our blog when we first […]

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Thank God its Friday. Ladies, time to kick off the work pumps and get out your patent stilettos & little black dress ..guys, time to get out that party swagger- let’s paint the town red.  Here to get you in the mood for Friday’s party is my sassy friend Eiling as  Blogger in the Spotlight […]

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