5 reasons you should Visit Borneo

Happy #traveltuesday readers! Today’s guest blogger is my buddy Adventure Rob, from the U.K. and this is the same guy we went to the Malaysian Night Market with. Rob had a great amount of time to explore South East Asia on his last trip here and one of the places he finds totally intriguing is […]

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Anson? Who calls a restaurant Anson.. I mean, like did the “H” fall off or something? Teluk Intan is a town located in the state of Perak in Malaysia. It is the largest town in Hilir Perak district and third largest town in the state of Perak with an estimated population of around 110,000. Has […]

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ormes 01

Movie Review – 5150 rue des ormes

5150 ELM’S WAY is located at the end of a quiet street in a small town. When Yannick (Marc-André Grondin) fell off his bike he hurt himself rather badly.  After hobbling for ages he found the door of the Beaulieu residence,5150 rue des Ormes (5150 Elm’s Way), the name of the show as it goes. […]

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My, oh My.. Mai Ramen!

More food porn to ease the harangued mind. This week’s theme is definitely, eat your noodles and find that happy place! Here are 5 good reasons why we, i.e. me and my colleagues, like this new-ish ramen joint for unwinding after a hard days work.. 1. This place has great but unconventional beer food/snacks: I […]

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For Goodness Sake

This entire week for me was intense. Check this item, don’t forget that detail.. and for goodness sake, get everyone motivated and involved. Oh yeah, participating in a major international conference ain’t easy but with a little bit of luck, lots of prayers and support from a great, energetic and “never say die” team,  I […]

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Tiong Bahru Excursions with the Keropokman!

There are many things I like about Singapore. Everything WORKS. The shopping, the food, the nightlife. All are ticks on my chalk board of good, good things to do in Singapore. Speeding down to the republic for a wedding last weekend, Cumi & ciki really had limited time on their hands. Like most people, we […]

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Top 5 cheap eats in Lower Manhattan – how to dine like a real New Yorker!

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Leslie of Downtown Traveler and she hails from New York City. Leslie writes for the Examiner under New York Destinations, but I just know her as the gorgeous chick on Twitter that has many, many fans.. and who can blame them? with such a warm smile and kind […]

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Where do I find the best Chicken Rice?

In Cumi & Ciki’s endless quest for good Chicken rice, we followed the trail to a place in Petaling Jaya. Pak Cham Kai is of course the Chinese way of saying Hainanese chicken or non-roasted chicken.   When a lil fat monkey told me about this find, at first I was a little dubious. Hesitant. […]

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Li yen

Why do the Chinese eat with chopsticks? Watercress and pork rib soup Generally believed to have originated in ancient China, chopsticks are most commonly made of bamboo or plastic, but are also made of metal, bone and various types of wood. The pair of sticks is maneuvered in one hand, between the thumb and fingers, […]

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Keith’s Top Eats in Amsterdam!

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Keith of Velvetescape and he lives in Amsterdam. He is an incredibly accomplished travel blogger, but we figured we would push the envelope and give him the ultimate challenge of food blogging.. Not surprisingly, he passed with flying colors as you will soon see from the post below. […]

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