Photo(s) of the Week – Putrajaya

You won’t believe it but Putrajaya is supposed to be to Malaysia, what Hamburg is to Germany. I mean, though it is a much smaller geographical area, Putrajaya has a ridiculously high proportion of bridges. Putrajaya is a planned city and is located south of Kuala Lumpur and serves as the federal administrative center of […]

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Ramadhan Buffet at Rama V

Where else can one eat like the great King Chulalongkorn for just RM75++? This holy month of Ramadhan, break fast with your loved ones, colleagues or buddies at Rama V.. Check out the finest Thai spread that this restaurant has to offer, make a date , to freshen up and re-energize, this is a no […]

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Cava & Milawa – Wine and Dine

The estate of Sette Ponti lies in the heart of the Chianti zone, fifteen miles northwest of the city of Arezzo just past the village of San Giustino Valdarno. The Via del Monte, known locally as the Via dei Sette Ponti, leads into a beautiful hidden valley and to the estate. The name Sette Ponti, […]

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10 things to do in San Francisco

Happy #traveltuesday readers! Today’s Guest post is by the lovely WMW who is an avid traveler and a famous Malaysian food blogger. Cumi & Ciki have always been great fans of her website and so when she said yes to being featured on this blog, we were over the moon! Here she is writing about […]

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Fatty Chong

Wok hei is a term I use so often that I only paused to think what it was, when a friend visiting from Melbourne asked us what the heck we were talking about! Wok hei is a common term used to describe a Chinese style cooked meal, especially to say if it was well cooked […]

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The last of the Typhoon Shelter Crabs

When we first read the words on the invite we were intrigued. Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Crab. What on earth was a Typhoon Shelter Crab? Typhoon Shelter Crab – RM68 for 600g and RM80 for 800g. Then speaking to one of the owners of a well known Chinese restaurant who visits Hong Kong […]

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Movie Review – The Expendables

Every time I go back to my hometown, Ipoh, my uncle will wave a thick wad of DVDs at me with an evil grin and say, Oh guess what..  plenty of good shows to watch with your dad (his brother, my father). By good, he means action. And by action he means loads of gun-fire, […]

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5 reasons you should visit Serai

Wishing all our Muslim readers.. Selamat Berpuasa! Fasting month or the Holy month or Ramadan starts today. For the Muslim, Ramadan is a time of reflecting , believing and worshiping God. The fast is intended to be an exacting act of deep personal worship in which Muslims seek a raised awareness of closeness to God. […]

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Abigail King – Five photos that fill me with emotion

Happy #traveltuesday readers. Today’s guest blogger is my pal, Abigail King from the U.K. She writes about Five fantastic photographs that have made an impact on her – that move her .. that make her feel something. Either good or bad, a great photo should make you feel something.. agreed? So what are your emotional […]

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Classic Mooncake - Pure lotus single yolk (RM17.90)

Mooncake Festival

The Mooncake festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th moon, of the Chinese Lunar Calendar every year, meaning, it is just around the corner. When you wish upon a moon.. In my country, this is a big deal for the Chinese who look forward to eating these little delectable ‘parcels from the moon’. […]

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