Keith’s Top Eats in Amsterdam!

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Keith of Velvetescape and he lives in Amsterdam. He is an incredibly accomplished travel blogger, but we figured we would push the envelope and give him the ultimate challenge of food blogging.. Not surprisingly, he passed with flying colors as you will soon see from the post below. […]

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lenny-kravLK on nola dot com

10 for under $10

Ah.. New Orleans! Here is an excerpt of an interview with the legendary Lenny Kravitz by Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune on NOLA dot COM. TP: So you still have your the crib in the French Quarter? Kravitz: Oh yeah. That’s the first house I ever owned, man — I ain’t getting rid of that. I came […]

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Gu Yue Tien, Chulan Square KL

When I read the words “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”, I think of one man. Having worked the restaurants and hotels since he was 13, Chef Frankie Woo now runs his own place known as Gu Yue Tien. If the beauty of what he loves is in his food, […]

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Interview with Chef Samuele Alvisi

When foodies in Kuala Lumpur talk these days, its always about “oh, I’m going to Il Lido for lunch, or I just came back from dinner at il Primo.. or I’m off to Lafite for my tête-à-tête”. Well Cumi & Ciki have decided to make it their mission to find out, what makes these wonderful […]

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What brings these shiny, happy, energetic people together on a fine afternoon? Is it shopping? photography? bogus haircuts ? .. Nope. What brings them together is actually KL’s legendary, less than RM30 per pax  lunch at Max’s. Max@iHaus is a cool joint off Jalan Bukit Bintang that offers great fine-dining in the evenings and equally […]

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10 best Eats in Singapore by Camemberu !

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Catherine of Camemberu and she lives in Singapore. She is an incredibly cool food-blogger and a friend.. you need to look for this chick if you are in Singapore as she knows ALL the great joints for superb food .. Here in no particular order, are her favourite […]

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Movie Review – Breakfast on Pluto 2004

PLOT : Young Patrick “Kitten” Braden (Cillian Murphy) flees Ireland for London during the politically tumultuous 1970’s on a quest to find love and a place to call home. There, he becomes a transvestite prostitute and gets involved in an IRA bombing campaign. Verdict: Based on a novel by Patrick McCabe, Breakfast On Pluto documents […]

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Lafite. I was not sure what my expectations were of this super high class restaurant whose name has stood the test of time, apart from expecting the meal to be phenomenally expensive.  Also, being the pessimist that I am, I was expecting to be disappointed by the current reviews I have read so far. Wrong […]

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A Jailbird called Heritage

Today is Malaysia’s Independence Day. I thought it would be ideal to release a post I started on several weeks ago… As a ‘yearling’, I remember the bumper to bumper crawls heading into town during the weekends. It was our usual weekend getaway. From the peace of the suburbs to downtown bustling life! My mum, […]

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Yakitori Baby @ Izakaya Tamako

OH HAPPY DAY! One Winner of my contest has collected his meal. Where is the other.. ? She is still MIA (missing in action!) These two folks won the Cumi & Ciki Malacca Caption contest with their witty, winning entries. GO HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF THE PRETTY WINNERS! GO HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL POST […]

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