Palak Paneer

Chutney Mary

There’s a lot to like about Chutney Mary’s, a small restaurant located on the trendy Bangsar strip, known as Jalan Telawi. The dramatic use of color — red, purple, green, orange, gold — gives the place a bright, contemporary look that is also quintessentially Indian. The food is good, the price though on the high […]

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501 Places – Photographs that fill you with emotion

Happy #traveltuesday folks! In line with this month’s theme, here is today’s Travel Tip by  Andy Jarosz from 501 places on “Photographs that fill you with emotion”. 1. Aurora Borealis, Kattfjord, Norway These were the second time we had seen the Northern Lights and I can honestly say I would never tire of this, one […]

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uncle prawn

There is an infinite variety of delicious ways to cook freshwater prawns. And when Uncle Prawn Seafood Restaurant recently opened it’s doors to the public at Sunway Giza,they showed that they really knew how to deliver fresh Chinese seafood cuisine and deliver it well. This place, if not already famous, should be famous for their […]

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My favourite Desserts from Northern Italy

Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) today is none other than the gorgeous Carmelita Caruana of ‘Cook Italy’,  Bologna, food capital of Italy. She talks about her favourite desserts and includes some recipes for you to try. Everyone thinks first of pasta and pizza when they think of Italian food, but Italy has many divine desserts […]

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Vote Cumi & Ciki .. your traveling, eating Monkeys!

hi guys, we are so excited! we, Cumi & Ciki have been nominated on, under the category of Top 9 Food Blogs! Please vote4us by clicking on the link, going to the right sidebar of the page and voting  last box Cumi & Ciki. VOTE HERE! Thanks so much to our readers – we […]

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Calzone Bomba After winning David Rocco’s cook book entitled David Rocco’s Dolce Vita in a blog contest on Camemberu’s website (click to read my winning submission and have a giggle!) I was well chuffed with myself at this accomplishment because, I almost always never win anything on contests. Ever. Not only that, but because I […]

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TLWH – Photographs that fill you with emotion

Happy #traveltuesday folks! Here is my pal, Dave and his riveting Travel Tip on “Photographs that fill you with emotion”. Try and ask yourselves, what these photos mean to you. Why do photographs fill us with emotion? Is it the memory of a place we have been? Are we filled with inspiration when we see […]

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Truffle butter. It’s not some snooty food obsession to turn up your nose at. It is a cult initiation that only the privileged are handed the password to. It is an illicit love affair with no way out. It is a taste like no other. One sniff. One slather. You are totally hooked. Close your […]

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The term Bubu can mean one of three things: 1. A Fish Trap, mainly employed for hunting fish by the indigenous people of Malaysia. 2. Name for an Island resort on Perhentian Island Malaysia, the Bubu Long Beach Resort. 3. Name of a Restaurant in KL, owned by the same people who opened the Bubu […]

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5 Favourite 2010 World Cup goals !

Happy #followfriday readers! Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Clare on the World Cup. Clare lives in South Africa and of course she has been getting the best seats to the games so far because, she is IN the stadium! Check out her live shots. Sound the vuvuzela! Don’t forget your earplugs! A beautiful […]

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