Inception grows and spreads like a Virus

Inception, the latest piece of work from director Christopher Nolan will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire 2.5 hours of the show. Initially I was dubious.. EVERYBODY was raving about it and I was so sure I’d hate it. The plot -  A team of dream raiders are able to […]

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Cava .. go over and get Tapas-faced

Have you heard of the Cava Tapas Promotion? Where for the price of just RM75, one can get 8 types of Tapas, flaunt one’s new nose job (lil fat monkey) , cam-whore a new shade of blonde.. and finally, have one’s cake and eat it! (OK, ok..  the cake was on the house, the “nose […]

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Thanks for sharing the Passion

This post is dedicated to my buddy Joe of Lots of Cravings.. he will be off to the land Down-under soon, to start the next chapter of his oh so ‘Young’ life! We will always remember Joe, Hairyberry and Masak-masak as one of the 1st few people/food bloggers who found our blog when we first […]

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Thank God its Friday. Ladies, time to kick off the work pumps and get out your patent stilettos & little black dress ..guys, time to get out that party swagger- let’s paint the town red.  Here to get you in the mood for Friday’s party is my sassy friend Eiling as  Blogger in the Spotlight […]

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Hokkien Mee and its Cult status

Fried Hokkien mee a.k.a. Chinese style fried yellow noodles, has a cult following in Kuala Lumpur. Every Malaysian man or woman swears they know where to get the BEST Hokkien mee in town. Every Malaysian man (or woman) swears they know where to get the BEST Hokkien mee in town. Attempts to disagree, object or […]

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tripe stew

About Cow Brains and Bull Testicles

Happy #traveltuesday my wonderful readers! How goes it? Here is my buddy Nellie who hails from Singapore but is living in Spain, with a great Travel Tip on some rather bizarre local food, to perk up your Tuesday, pronto! From the outrageously tasty seafood paella to the holy grail of all meat, Jámon Iberico (cured […]

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Richwell & fed well

When Marian called us up and said she wanted to buy A lil Fat Monkey a birthday dinner and Ciki a belated birthday dinner, we were all smiles. The smile grew bigger when she uttered the magic word.. Richwell. After reading about this place on Boo’s blog Masak-masak, we were salivating with anticipation! Richwell Restaurant […]

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Top 9 Food Blog!

Thanks for Voting for the Monkeys!

Thanks to you, our lovely readers.. We made it!(click badge) xoxo, Cumi & Ciki (We are now on the mainlist (leftside) and our latest posts will be updated there!)

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Interview with Chef David King

It’s my favourite day of the week! Happy #followfriday readers! Here is the spin off from Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) … Chef in the Spotlight – Chef D. King, for your reading pleasure. 1.What got you started? “I was working weekend nights as a kitchen steward, one day the garde manger chef didn’t turn […]

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Palak Paneer

Chutney Mary

There’s a lot to like about Chutney Mary’s, a small restaurant located on the trendy Bangsar strip, known as Jalan Telawi. The dramatic use of color — red, purple, green, orange, gold — gives the place a bright, contemporary look that is also quintessentially Indian. The food is good, the price though on the high […]

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