The Sunny Side of Travel Blogging, Part 2 – Tokyo Marathon 2015

Traveling the world, and writing about it. Sounds like a semi-charmed life doesn’t it? Well, it is in a way, but it also isn’t without sweat and frustration, if you don’t put some planning into it.

Agoda’s Visa Wednesdays are back!


I always look forward to Wednesdays, because it means that it is time to book my tickets to… OR ..

Royce Cacao Macaron

I have a new VICE, people. ..and no where to buy them, unfortunately.   My friend Su brought these back from the land of the rising sun and they are simply the most delicious chocolate macaron I have tasted in a while. Too bad you can’t get them in Malaysia just yet, and she lugged […]

To Kobe or not to Kobe, that is the Question..

On my recent trip to Kobe, Japan, one of my dream-dining experiences came true. Kobe beef is regarded as a delicacy for sure, but partaking of that prized meat in situ, as in dining on Kobe in Kobe was like my wildest dream come true. If you ask why this meat is so special , […]

7 Things that I like about Japan

Working for a Japanese company is a real plus. I get to visit Tokyo at least once or twice a year. In the time that I have worked for this company I have visited Japan, a resounding 17 times. Amongst the places that I have had the privilege to visit include, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, […]

Japan, Kobe : My Trip in a nutshell

TOUCHDOWN, KANSAI AIRPORT , OSAKA, JAPAN. (On route Kobe) The view from my window at sunrise. How pretty… Osaka is the city capital of Osaka Prefecture. Osaka was historically the commercial capital of Japan and the second largest metropolitan in the area of Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto. The other more notorious and infamous thing that Osaka is known […]

Japan : Kimono Philes

Some old shots.. in the thumb drive … begging to be blogged… Shichi-Go-San or 7-5-3 Festival – 15 November, Shichigosan, is the traditional custom of taking boys aged 3 and 5 and girls aged 3 and 7 to be blessed at the local Shinto shrine to thank god for their good health and pray for […]

Burberry Blue Label – Shopping in Ginza

Shopping Post… I like !!! When we got to Tokyo, we were told that there was this delightful line from Burberry… called… Burberry Blue label… Being the ‘shi-shi‘ pharmaceutical employees that we are, we couldn’t resist the exclusivity of the whole deal.. i mean… how nice is that.. telling someone you got a handbag… that […]

Tokeiya @ Kobe, Japan – eating kobe in kobe!

There is nothing more gratifying than eating a particular dish in the place it was named after… E.g. French loaves in France, English muffins in England, and… Kobe Beef in Kobe… ooo… bliss… I beg your pardon… about the spat of Japanese blogs… the fad will pass.. i promise.. (maybe) I mean.. look at this […]

The Fabulous Fuji – Ciki goes to Japan !

I know this is not Malaysia. This is Malaysia in Japan! Yup… Ciki was in Japan and could not resist this blog… Japan was just tres tres gorgeous .. sigh… Ah… the Hotel was a rustic, traditional Japanese TATAMI hotel. It was a little scary as it smelt of Onsen bath and old people (hahahaha). […]

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