10 Places to Visit when you fly into Kota Kinabalu


Kota Kinabalu is the modern and fast expanding capital city of Sabah, one of thirteen states of Malaysia, located on the northwestern section of Borneo Island. Sabah is fondly referred to as the land below the wind, because of its relative distance from the damaging typhoon belt. The weather, however, can still make abrupt changes [...]

Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran

On our recent trip to Bali to attend the Toast Around the World event on Kuta, we decided to extend our trip, just a wee bit longer, so that we could check out Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran. This hotel was supposed to be rather new ( launched sometime in May), and rumor had it that [...]

10 Things to Do in Bali

Ahh.. Bali.. Only 3 hours by flight from Malaysia, and the island is so small you can actually drive around it in a day. On the coast, the beaches, the surf, and as you go further inland, the rice terraces, enchanting temples and annual religious ceremonies.. is all part and parcel of why I find [...]

Marriott Sydney Harbour @ Circular Quay

There’s no denying that staying at the Marriott Sydney Harbour, has its perks. We actually held our wedding dinner, at the Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, back in the day, so you can tell it is one of our favourite brands, when it comes to luxury travel accommodation. And in Sydney, the Marriott Sydney Harbour at [...]

10 Things to do in Sydney

With a city of almost 5 million inhabitants, a multi-ethnic hub of business and culture, and its sandstone coves and sun-blazed beaches, Sydney really took my breath away. After spending just under 10 days exploring, catching buses, ferries and going about on foot, here are our top 10 things to do in Sydney.   1. [...]

Vivid Sydney, a celebration of light, art and life

One of the highlights of attending the festival of lights called Vivid Sydney, was our complete and utter immersion into the realm of light, and what light projections could do, when placed in the hands of incredibly talented people. Watching the Sydney Opera House sails come alive, night after night, with light projections was an [...]

Toast Around the World with Sheraton Kuta Bali

We arrived in Bali, after a four hour delay in the plane, due to bad weather. But the sight that greeted us was enough to make us forget our travel blues. We had arrived at Sheraton Kuta Bali, for the Toast Around the World event, that would be held the following day, on the 15th [...]

Casa del Rio, Melaka

Casa del Rio which in Spanish means “home by the river” is one of the nicest places to stay at, if you’re spending the weekend in Malacca/Melaka. The small city-state of Melaka itself, is packed when visitors flock to its historic port city, only to find themselves immersed in a multicultural world of heritage architecture [...]

Off to Sydney with Destination New South Wales & AirAsiaX for Vivid Sydney


This week, we will be flown to Sydney by AirAsiaX together with Destination New South Wales for the massive event known as Vivid Sydney… Sydney will once again be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney takes over the city after dark from 24 May – 10 June 2013. [...]

db Bistro Moderne, Singapore

db bistro moderne

When asked in an interview, “In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?” Daniel Boulud, he answered, “I bitch at (everyone including) myself about making everything perfect.” Such is the perfectionism of this chef. And you know, Daniel Boulud and dining at his restaurants, really is special. This French chef [...]

Gunther’s Singapore

One of the places we just had to check out that’s famous for its French cuisine, was Gunther’s Singapore … would it live up to expectations? One of the places we could not wait to visit was Gunther’s, in Singapore. I would run many miles just to eat Chef Gunther Hubrechsen’s cold angel-hair pasta with [...]