Heavenly Spa, by Westin

this is a place where scents free the mind melodies inspire the spirit and massage nourishes the soul this is a place where your senses are your guide in this place, everything else falls away and all that’s left is you   Amidst the palmetto lined boardwalks, winding through lush gardens, serene fountains and enchanting […]

10 Things to Do In Beijing

Beijing is massive, so where does one start? China itself has a population of 1.3 billion, and Beijing itself 20.1 million (2011) so everywhere you go, there’s people, people and people. Good and bad. For places that need a crowd for atmosphere such as the clubs, Beijing is rocking the beat with a party vibe […]

3 Great Reasons to Stay at The Westin Beijing Financial Street

We arrived at Beijing Capital International airport at approximately 1am. Upon alighting, a ground staff met us to help us with our transfer through immigration and to our limo, which would take us to The Westin Beijing Financial Street, our accommodation for the week. Located in the heart of Beijing, The Westin Beijing Financial Street […]

Arriba Mandalay! Myanmar (Part 2)


Arriba Mandalay! Myanmar (Part 2) Picking up where we left off.. Our next stop, would be to see the largest book in the world. Largest book in the world? How exciting can this be, really. So we dashed through the busy Mandalay streets, three persons on a scooter, towards Kuthodaw Pagoda where 729 marble stones […]

Arriba Mandalay! Myanmar (Part 1)

So from Bagan.. we head on to our next stop in Myanmar, Mandalay. Arriba Mandalay! Myanmar (Part 1 of this tale of travel through Mandalay – it was so long we had to split up the post) It would be nice to say, Arriba Mandalay! on this trip to Myanmar .. but, Not quite arriba, […]

Off to The Westin Beijing, with Air Asia X !


There might be fewer posts on CCFoodTravel this coming week as we have been very kindly invited to cover The Westin Beijing Financial Street…and Air Asia X will be flying us over there in comfort! Located in the heart of Beijing, The Westin Beijing Financial Street is super luxe, is the hotel of choice for […]

Beware of the Bagan Tiger in Myanmar!

The Bagan Tiger leaps to life when an intruder infiltrates its boundary! We arrived in Nyaung U (Nyaung Oo) near Bagan past midnight in a very dimly lit bus station together with another group of 3 travelers who were from North America. The aircond bus from Yangon was reasonably comfortable – comfortable meaning we were […]

Win a Tropical Island Holiday! Pangkor Laut Resort, 3days 2nights holiday!


TODAY, WE LAUNCH OUR NEW WEBSITE, CIKIPEDIA! On CIKIPEDIA, is a superb Tropical Island Holiday to be WON. WOW! a Tropical Island Holiday worth RM2000 you say.. ! WHERE? Calling all bloggers and friends, and blogger friends! Won’t you come and participate:) FOR DETAILS GO HERE!

5 Things to Do in Perth


Perthis the capital of Western Australia. It is a vibrant city flanking the broad reaches of the Swan River. To the west is the Indian Ocean and to the east the Darling Escarpment. It is a sophisticated yet casual city with many interesting places to visit, to mention a few – there are museums, art […]

Yangon City, Myanmar


Till this day and age, Burma or Myanmar still remains a world apart. Encounter dark, skinny men wearing skirt-like longyi, young boys and grannies alike, with orange and black betel-chewing teeth, woman and young women with patchy white thanaka smothered all over their faces. Turn back the clock and you will see that Myanmar is […]

Top 5 Restaurants to visit in Queensland


There’s something enticingly raw about the great outdoors of Queensland. The sun seems to embrace rather than scorch, the ocean to soothe rather than rage. The sky seems bluer, the plants lusher, the flowers brighter. Life is good and I can just go for a run on a stretch of pristine beach or explore the […]

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