Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki at Jimbaran, Bali

The following day at the Karma Kandara, we got a phone-call from our friend, Benny who lives in Bali. The message on the other end of the phone was clear. “I am going to take you to eat the best Nasi Ayam in Bali”! It was called Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki and situated in Jimbaran, [...]

Karma Chameleon.. Karma Kandara!

It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to Ubud and Payangan Hideaway. Our holiday started off with such a big bang, we hoped it would continue in this same vein. We stopped by a couple of places to soak up the beautiful Ubud ambiance and way of life before heading out the our [...]

8 Things to Do in Ubud


With only 5 days in Bali and half of which would be spent in Uluwatu.. time was not on our side. Not to mention the fact that it rained and rained every evening. Still there were some great afternoons of sunshine. Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, we immediately headed out  by car to [...]

Tangkuban Perahu , Java

The story continues from Day 7 : Back to Bandung An overdose of “Bandung-esque” shopping, or rather a lack of it, prompted us to get out of Bandung and into the cool highlands towards Tangkuban Perahu . We hopped on a tiny, terror Angkot van from town. It was a nice ride from the warm [...]

Back to Bandung

The story continues from Day 6: Faces of Yogyakarta After buying our train tickets for the  Argo Willis, which leaves at 1.30pm for Bandung, we found we had some time to kill, so we hopped on a ‘becak’ for a quick tour of yogya. According to the popular travel guide book, it says there are [...]

10 for under $10

lenny-kravLK on nola dot com

Ah.. New Orleans! Here is an excerpt of an interview with the legendary Lenny Kravitz by Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune on NOLA dot COM. TP: So you still have your the crib in the French Quarter? Kravitz: Oh yeah. That’s the first house I ever owned, man — I ain’t getting rid of that. I came [...]

Faces of Yogya

Faces, places and traces of life between our journey from Pengandaran to Solo. Revisiting our Java images, we thought it would be interesting to tell of some tales which were missing from our earlier Java posts. This post is written by both Cumi & ciki. Driving from Pengandaran to the train station, we saw this [...]

Things I like to do in Singapore..

1. PARTY . . 2. SHOP . . 3. EAT Not just eat, but eat well. To me, fine dining in Singapore really takes the cake. I have enjoyed many fantastic fine dining experiences in Singapore and here is one more to add to the ever growing list of ‘Must Eats’. TATSUYA. I was told [...]

Bad News from the Gulf..

Food Update – On Oysters in Louisiana Thanks to an article my God-brother Nathanael who lives in the States, sent me, I just learned that in the 55 days since the BP oil spill began off the coast of Louisiana, anxiety about what might happen to Gulf seafood is being replaced by acceptance of a [...]

Top 10 Tipples in New Orleans

.. and where to find them. I was happy when I heard from the Concierge downstairs of the Sheraton that New Orleans is dubbed “Top 10 Best Drinking cities in America”. I set out to put this claim to the test. Below is my list of recommendations – to get toppled by tipple.. (should getting [...]

5 Great Ways to See New Orleans

1. On Foot If you are fit and really eager to walk off the extra calories from that bowl of Gumbo, then walking around New Orleans is the best way to see the place as well as burn off some fats. I opted for this option a lot. When my legs gave way, I went [...]