Workshop 1 – Hot Seats with Problogger, on Green Island


It’s not all play and no work! Here we are on Green Island, thanks to Great Adventures.. Before I get to go out and catch a spot of snuba, I first need to be in the HOT SEAT! Workshop 1: Hot Seats We have to introduce our blog for 3-4 minutes each. We had to […]

The View From my Seat – The Great Barrier Reef


What a stroke of luck. The view from my seat, 5F, Qantas Airways, Brisbane to Cairns, turned out to be a spectacular one. Ah.. the aerial view of the great barrier reef could be viewed from the right side of the plane, but not the left! And of course, having a window seat helps. Corals […]

Off to the Great Barrier Reef, with Problogger and Tourism Queensland

dive GBR

Hi folks! I’m off to Cairns to kick start my Great Barrier Reef adventures, along with Problogger and Tourism Queensland. On this trip, there will be deep sea diving, (I was hoping that I might get to dive in a cage and rub noses with the great white.. er wishful thinking!) and some thrills and […]

Margaret River Meanderings – Day 6

busselton jetty

As we near the end of our adventures in Margaret River, we look back in awe, at our amazing trip! But a couple more stops before we head on out to Perth. The Story Thus Far: Wining, Dining.. Margaret River G’day Mate! Margaret River Adventures.. Day 1 & 2 Margaret River – Day 3 & […]

Margaret River, the Adventure Continues – Day 5


Taking off where we left off, it was now Day 5 with Cumi, Alilfatmonkey, TykeonaBike on Margaret River, and the adventure continues with breakfast at Prevelly Park. (For our previous posts: Wining, Dining.. Margaret River, G’day Mate! Margaret River Adventures.. Day 1 & 2, Margaret River – Day 3 & Day 4, and Dirty mountain […]

Dirty mountain biking at Margaret River

Whilst the others went for spa relaxation and food-wine debauchery, I took a detour into Margaret River’s dirt trails on a mountain bike. The cool and dry weather during Spring-Summer transition provided the ideal temperate for getting outdoors – your sweat quickly evaporates away while the soft dry terrain leaves you only with some dust […]

Top Ten Romantic experiences in Western Australia for a Valentine’s Day getaway

Ever wanted a romantic getaway for you and your loved one, some place not too far away from Malaysia and that would not put a hole in your pocket? Well here are the top ten romantic experiences in Western Australia for a Valentine’s Day getaway. All you need to do to celebrate the most romantic […]

Malé and Me

Me and Malé weren’t always friends. I often misspelled Malé with Mali. I would mistake Malé for being the capital of Mauritius when rightfully it should have been the capital of Maldives. Blame it on my poor sense of geography or my ignorance of a small country of islands somewhere in the Indian Ocean. You […]

Margaret River – Day 3 & Day 4

Early the next Saturday morning, after a hearty organic breakfast, courtesy of Burnside Organic Farm we set out for the local market, where we could get our hands on some fresh produce. By the time we got to the Margaret River Farmers’ Market at around 10am, the place was a hive of activity. Every fortnight, […]

Meeting Rockstar, Executive Chef Mauro Gomez of W Retreat & Spa Maldives

When I first bumped into Chef Mauro Gomez at the W, I thought that he was a bit of a lunatic. No doubt he was good looking and everything, but he also had this huge, shiny cleaver that he took along with him everywhere. I mean, he wore it like an accessory. A large, menacing […]

Cameron Highlands Mystery: The Jim Thompson Intrigue

Malaysia has a rich colonial past and there are many intriguing stories relating to its trade wars, colonial occupation, communist insurgence and its independence. One of the intriguing stories is the mysterious disappearance of the Thai Silk King, Jim Thompson on 26 March 1967 when he went for a walk in the jungle. His disappearance […]

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