The Backpacker Checklist: 5 Things to Remember Before A Round the World Trip

Today’s guestpost is by my buddy Backpacking Tom and he writes on “the backpacker’s checklist”. Before going on an extended trip around the world there is so much to think about that it’s easy for something to slip through the net and get forgotten. Some things are more important than others and in my opinion […]

Bridges of Budapest


One of the best and most memorable company trips I ever went on, would be to Eastern Europe, when we visited Budapest. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and it has many interesting structures including bridges and buildings. One of my favorite things to do in this city is to walk through the bridges. […]

Gaga over Gaudi

Today’s guest post is by Philip Marcel and he writes about the Spanish Catalan architect and best-known representative of Catalan Modernism, Antoni Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi was one of the most important modernist style architects worldwide. Many of his most extraordinary works are to be found in Barcelona. On my last trip to Barcelona, I found […]

Volunteering in Kuala Lumpur

Nur Salam

Today’s guestpost is by V. Brewood and she talks about a subject close to her heart, volunteering while backpacking around the world. Moving around constantly when you’re backpacking can be fun, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down a bit, unpack your bag and put down some roots. Using the spare time you have to […]

Mad about Madrid

Today’s guestpost is by Andreia L. and she writes about why Madrid continues to be one of her favourite annual vacation spots, over the past five years. In this post, she shares her passion for the city. It’s often said that this is the most Spanish of Spain’s cities, and it is indeed one Europe’s […]

My Top 5 London Food Cravings


Today’s guest post is from our buddy, Charles Yap, better known as @HotelPRGuy, who lives in London. Whenever we get to talking, Charles comes across as being as passionate about food as he is about his job, and he always tells me, if ever I were to be in London again, to look him up […]

Budapest Rules the Underground Scene


photo credit cnadia “THERE’S no going back now,” says Nick Warren, mopping his brow and easing into his groove. The Korona club steps up a gear as the *Global Underground party takes off. Lined along the front of his DJ booth is a long line of beautiful Balkan girls, drenched in sweat, dancing wildly, blowing […]

Top 5 European Destinations, on a budget

Today’s Travel Tip comes from our mate, Jeremy of Budget Travel Adventures who lives in California. He’s the expert on how to make your money go a long way by choosing a vacation wisely. Here he is with the best budget travel destinations in Europe for 2011! With the economy of many countries still struggling, […]

Egypt’s Enticing Aromas and Culinary Cornerstones


Recently, Egypt has been the center of attention due to its social instability leading to unrest. Activists in Egypt call for an uprising in their own country, to protest against poverty, unemployment, government corruption and the rule of president Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for three decades. Presently, the Middle East has been […]

Top 5 Eats of Abu Dhabi


Today’s Travel Tip comes from our Malaysian friend GFAD (Girl from Abu Dhabi) who lives in Abu Dhabi. She loves her food and she bakes and cooks like a champion. She’s really the expert on ‘where’ to eat ‘what’.. In the short time she has lived in AD, she has uncovered all the top joints […]

10 Ways to Run a Successful Travel Blog


Today’s Travel Tip comes from the dynamic blogging and traveling duo, Dave and Deb, a.k.a. @theplanetd. The are a really cool couple and buddies of mine who travel fearlessly and write passionately about the world, as seen through the eyes of two adventurous travelers. Their dedication to their blog really shines through and has inspired […]

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