10 Adventurous Things To Do in East Africa

Today’s Travel Tip and guest writer is a cool dude called Mark who has an amazing blog called Migrationology. His blog provides information on long term travel and how, with a modest amount of capital, you can transform your life into a sustainable life of traveling the world! Mark himself has traveled extensively i.e. trekked […]

5 Things to help you Speedily and Successfully Relocate to another Country


This weeks Travel Tip comes from a pal of mine, Joe,has recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia, for a very short time, before he had to relocate to Brisbane again and you will soon find out why. You will also read about the perils of job hunting and what you can do to avoid pain and […]

5 Tasty Food Photography Tips When Traveling Abroad


This weeks Travel Tip comes from a pal of mine, Sarah, who lives in New York. She is a really cool designer and her work can be seen at the famous Amusement park Disney in the US of A. Without futher ado, here she is with her tips on Food Photography and Travel. 5 Tips […]

Travel to Live as Many lives as humanly possible

The Goldie 009 _ gold coast Oz

Today’s Guest writer and Travel Tip is from a dear, old friend.. form the KL social scene known simply as just, “The Movement days”. Those of you who are as old as us, will know what I am talking about. Say no more.. because we can’t. Not here on the blog anyway;) It is with […]

10 all-American Star Dishes!

America is the home of hearty portions. Vast tracts of fertile farming land and staying on the leading edge of agricultural technologies have kept food prices low in the USA for most of its history. This has worked its way into the American cuisine ethos of generous helpings and strong flavours. flickr photo by scion02b […]

5 reasons you should Visit Borneo


Happy #traveltuesday readers! Today’s guest blogger is my buddy Adventure Rob, from the U.K. and this is the same guy we went to the Malaysian Night Market with. Rob had a great amount of time to explore South East Asia on his last trip here and one of the places he finds totally intriguing is […]

Bored of Banksy? Tenerife, street art Mecca!

girl and balloon

Happy #traveltuesday dear readers! I love street art. My only complain is that there isn’t enough of it in Malaysia. On my last trip to London, I spent ages enjoying the street art that the city had to offer. Anyway British street art is synonymous with one name. Banksy. He is perhaps the most famous, […]

10 things to do in San Francisco


Happy #traveltuesday readers! Today’s Guest post is by the lovely WMW who is an avid traveler and a famous Malaysian food blogger. Cumi & Ciki have always been great fans of her website and so when she said yes to being featured on this blog, we were over the moon! Here she is writing about […]

Abigail King – Five photos that fill me with emotion


Happy #traveltuesday readers. Today’s guest blogger is my pal, Abigail King from the U.K. She writes about Five fantastic photographs that have made an impact on her – that move her .. that make her feel something. Either good or bad, a great photo should make you feel something.. agreed? So what are your emotional […]

Top Travel Trips Where You Don’t Need to Tip


Ever wondered about the tipping etiquette while on holiday in a foreign land? Well I certainly have. Coming from an Asian country where tipping is not normally practiced, this tipping business of when and where to tip, not to mention how much, really boggles my mind.  This week’s guest post is about, the Top places […]

Photos that Inspire me to Travel


Happy #TravelTuesday! Here is a lovely lady and friend from Toronto, Janice who has been there, done that.. and well, has probably out-traveled many of us. Here is her post on Photos that Inspire her to travel! Some people may be very specific about what inspires them to travel. If asked to present photos that […]

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