Barcelona in Bold


Barcelona brims with personality: we have the up-and-coming Carolina de Santis of videotrueque and her rather bohemian clients, for example. Need to run naked with a Goorin sombrero placed strategically to promote your brand? (This is the ‘before’ shot, below). Sure can do. As said of the video, “Correr desnudo por el Raval sólo con un […]

Get your grub on, in Grenada


My 5 days in Grenada were an unrelenting procession of great meals. Considering the fact that I was on a culinary tour, sponsored by Tourism Grenada, that came as no surprise… but damn, I ate some good food! I sampled the island’s best food from hole-in-the-wall restaurants revered by locals, to outdoor markets, beach front […]

TLC (Astro Channel 707) Samantha Brown’s Asia -airs on July 25, 2011


Ah.. I finally met Samantha Brown in person, and she is all I imagined her to be, and more! Samantha I am told, lives in New York City. Born in Dallas, Texas in 1969, her family moved to New Hampshire where she grew up. Samantha joined the Travel Channel in 2000 and has hosted a […]

5 Foods You Have To Try In South Africa

South Africa is a vibrant country made up of an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds, with the influences of the African tribes including the fearsome warriors of the Zulu nation. All these different cultures come together in the pots and pans of the kitchens of South Africa, where interesting and delicious dishes can […]

Volunteering in Kuala Lumpur

Nur Salam

Today’s guestpost is by V. Brewood and she talks about a subject close to her heart, volunteering while backpacking around the world. Moving around constantly when you’re backpacking can be fun, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down a bit, unpack your bag and put down some roots. Using the spare time you have to […]

My Top 5 London Food Cravings


Today’s guest post is from our buddy, Charles Yap, better known as @HotelPRGuy, who lives in London. Whenever we get to talking, Charles comes across as being as passionate about food as he is about his job, and he always tells me, if ever I were to be in London again, to look him up […]

Egypt’s Enticing Aromas and Culinary Cornerstones


Recently, Egypt has been the center of attention due to its social instability leading to unrest. Activists in Egypt call for an uprising in their own country, to protest against poverty, unemployment, government corruption and the rule of president Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for three decades. Presently, the Middle East has been […]

Top 5 Eats of Abu Dhabi


Today’s Travel Tip comes from our Malaysian friend GFAD (Girl from Abu Dhabi) who lives in Abu Dhabi. She loves her food and she bakes and cooks like a champion. She’s really the expert on ‘where’ to eat ‘what’.. In the short time she has lived in AD, she has uncovered all the top joints […]

10 Ways to Run a Successful Travel Blog


Today’s Travel Tip comes from the dynamic blogging and traveling duo, Dave and Deb, a.k.a. @theplanetd. The are a really cool couple and buddies of mine who travel fearlessly and write passionately about the world, as seen through the eyes of two adventurous travelers. Their dedication to their blog really shines through and has inspired […]

Majorca’s Must Do Activities to Make Time For

Formentor, Majorca

This week’s guest post is about the the unmissable sights, sounds and things to do in Majorca!     Majorca, largest of the Balearic Islands, is a firm favourite holiday destination for Brits and Europeans alike. However, there’s a whole host of places on Majorca that are regularly overlooked. Due to the island’s relatively small […]

5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Maldives


Today’s Travel Tip comes from a sassy lass called “I am the Witch” but she ain’t nothing like a Witch.. she’s lovely! Here is Mei with her tip for all those soon-to-be-married lovebirds out there.. want to have a superb honeymoon? Head to the Maldives.. asap! Planning a honeymoon vacation is definitely not an easy […]

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