Abigail King – Five photos that fill me with emotion


Happy #traveltuesday readers. Today’s guest blogger is my pal, Abigail King from the U.K. She writes about Five fantastic photographs that have made an impact on her – that move her .. that make her feel something. Either good or bad, a great photo should make you feel something.. agreed? So what are your emotional […]

Photos that Inspire me to Travel


Happy #TravelTuesday! Here is a lovely lady and friend from Toronto, Janice who has been there, done that.. and well, has probably out-traveled many of us. Here is her post on Photos that Inspire her to travel! Some people may be very specific about what inspires them to travel. If asked to present photos that […]

501 Places – Photographs that fill you with emotion


Happy #traveltuesday folks! In line with this month’s theme, here is today’s Travel Tip by  Andy Jarosz from 501 places on “Photographs that fill you with emotion”. 1. Aurora Borealis, Kattfjord, Norway These were the second time we had seen the Northern Lights and I can honestly say I would never tire of this, one […]

TLWH – Photographs that fill you with emotion

Happy #traveltuesday folks! Here is my pal, Dave and his riveting Travel Tip on “Photographs that fill you with emotion”. Try and ask yourselves, what these photos mean to you. Why do photographs fill us with emotion? Is it the memory of a place we have been? Are we filled with inspiration when we see […]

Why do People Travel? 5 moods, 5 journeys.

Why do people Travel? Here is my good friend Simon and her Travel Tip on .. Why people travel.. the 5 moods with 5 journeys. North? South? East? West? Sea? Mountains? City? Desert? There are so many amazing places to visit and lots of good reasons to go and discover each of them, but in […]

“3 photos that have inspired me the most and why”

Traveling gets me excited! Here is Melvin of @Traveldudes with his really cool Travel Tip on Inspiring Photographs. Sunset at the Pinnacles This photo is a real inspiration to me. When we took it, we were in Western Australia at the Pinnacles. We’d traveled for 6 months through Australia & New Zealand. It wasn’t always […]

5 photos that have inspired me the most, and why.

Today’s Travel Tip is by someone who needs no introduction! My friend and amazing blogger, Keith writes on 5 Places that have Inspired him and challenged him on to bigger things. Bali sunset Sunsets always inspire me. This particular sunset in Bali will stay etched in my mind forever for its sheer brilliance and intensity. […]

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