10 Things to Do in Italy


My buddy Sarah, just got back from her vacation in Italy. She had loads to tell.. Luckily I managed to get this post out of her.. Here are her Top Ten Things to do in Italy! We’ve all seen those pictures of gorgeous vineyards and impossibly beautiful churches, we’ve all heard how delicious the food/coffee/gelato […]

Visiting the US Open Tennis Tournament

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Today’s Travel Tip comes from my buddy Leslie Koch from New York. She is the founder and editor of Downtown Traveler, an online magazine for city dwellers who crave arts, culture and adventure. Like clockwork each year, the US Open tennis tournament draws international attention to Queens, one of New York City’s five boroughs. Since […]

5 Easy Photography Tips for Great Vacation Photos

Today’s guestpost is by my buddy Jodi Friedman, of MCP Actions (Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets), and she’s a totally cool and accomplished photographer. I met Jodi on my recent Top 10 blogger’s trip to Queensland, hosted by Tourism Queensland and she is such a sweetie – she agreed to do this guest post for […]

Wagashi – Japan’s charming little works-of-art cakes

spring dance

Introduction to wagashi Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets. They are generally extremely fancy and beautiful, each one a little work of art. Traditionally, wagashi are used mainly for the Japanese tea ceremony as well as for festivals, special occasions, and temple ceremonies. There are also wagashi eaten as everyday treats, but those are generally more […]

Tourist and Business Visa Application at Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia


Trying to find out information on how to apply for tourist or business visa in the Embassy of Myanmar located in Kuala Lumpur? We had difficulty in finding it too. When we did finally find the embassy’s website, there wasn’t much information or directions to the embassy. We had to go in person to find […]

Of Uncles, Aunties and Hotties


Today’s Travel Tip is on Barcelona, and comes from my buddy Sue, who is Malaysian but has lived in Barcelona for the longest time. Practically a local, she writes on the best time of year in Barcelona, spring that turns into summer..   Bikini season beckons in Barcelona, Spain. Well…Barceloneta actually, which is just a […]

4 Great Locations to Film an Action Movie


This Week’s Travel Tip, comes from a guy, known popularly as Digidrift. He’s my buddy from Australia who has in his lifetime, crossed over some 90 over countries. This week, he writes about four great locations, for filming an action movie! The concept of this post is one that I can genuinely relate to. The […]

Top 10 Must-try Edibles in the Philippines!


Today’s Travel Tip is on Street Food in the Philippines, and comes from my buddy Ciara, who lives in Manila. She is a proud Pinay with guts of steel and is a vicarious traveler. Here she is with her Top 10 Must-try Edibles in the Philippines!   Filipinos are fond of a lot of things. […]

A Weekend in Chicago

A good overseas holiday is one where you get to visit most of the mandatory attractions and sample some of the more “mainstream” food options of which the destination can offer. In this sense, you are only still a visitor. What makes a good overseas holiday great is one where you get the opportunity to […]

10 Must-haves for Traveling Techies

Mophie Juice Pack Air

I grew up with the web and technology. I spend all day on the internet tweeting, blogging and checking in on Foursquare. When traveling, I like to be able to do the same. Like many others, my smartphone, iPad, a camera and sometimes a laptop too are essential gear when I go on vacation. Besides […]

Manila City Guide, A Quick View

The capital city of the Philippines has often been overlooked in favour of its more sun-soaked beach destinations. Gorgeous as they are, there is still much to be said for the urban heart of the country, and its many-flavoured districts. Diversity here is key. With six legislative districts and sixteen geographical districts, this is a […]

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