Shiver me timbers.. Banana Fritters!

What are these monkeys doing? What is this lady looking at? It’s Mr Chiam’s Goreng Pisang Stall (Banana Fritters) and we are hungry! One of the best snacks to have at 4pm in the evening is the famous Kuih Bakul from Mr. Chiam’s Stall in Brickfields. Of course this stall being a bit of an […]

Riblee’s, Believe it or Not..

Now you see it.. Now you don’t! It’s Riblee’s very amazing.. Bourbon Ribs!! Ah.. truly satisfying, especially when washed down with a good year.. Crisp Roast Pork Salad -Crispy roast pork served on a bed of greek salad & topped with balsamic vinegar When Sean of EatdrinkKL said to me, Ciki, we are going for […]

Sunday Roast Lunch at the Ritz

I’ve always wanted to say that. When someone asks, where are you having lunch? It’s super chic to reply “At the Ritz.” Just recently, Cumi & Ciki were invited to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, downtown, at the swanky Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur. Sunday Roast lunches are by far my favourite. Every hot, languid afternoon […]

Vishal – chettinad cuisine

That familiar entrance.. How many times have we crossed that threshold.. How many people have we brought to visit its eating hall.. We Malaysians are a lucky lot. Here in our multiracial community, we have exposure to all sorts of cuisine. Chinese, Indian, Malay.. you name it, we have it. Some of these ethnic cooking […]


It’s noodle mania that has caught on and spread throughout the earth like wild fire! What is it about a simple bowl of noodles that evokes such passion, or inspires such loyal gastronomic devotion as do the Ramen and the Udon. At a glance, it looks like such a simple, humble meal  – a bowl […]

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles

Jalan Tun H.S. Lee is located in the center of the city and is every pedestrian’s nightmare, not to mention motorists as well. Buses are haphazardly parked and motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic like mad-men and you would do well to hang on to your bags if you are going about on foot. […]

The Khukri meaning, the Dagger

You will recognize them distinctly in a crowd. Their favourite hang-out being the blocks around the Pudu bus station, which is one of the busiest areas in down-town KL. To many foreigners, when they think of Nepal, the image invariably is of a remote mountainous country with its snow covered Himalayan peaks, deep valleys, and […]


I am over the moon! One of my all time favourite fine dining restaurants has been voted 8th on the list of Top 20 restaurants, according to the Miele Guide 2010! I feel that they totally deserve this privilege to be ranked way up there amongst restaurants like the famous Iggy’s from Singapore because their […]

Hung Kee Rice Shop Ipoh

Every time  I get to go back to Ipoh for work, I get really excited. 1. it’s my hometown 2. I get to see my grandparents (aged 94 and 89) and 3. I get to pig out on good food. Also, being from Ipoh and everything, I thought I knew most of the great places […]

Where does cocoa come from?

It was during an impromptu visit, to a certain Chocolate exhibition earlier this year, that we met a some people from the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB), named Easther and Felicity. Cumi being the curious one and always loving a little adventure wanted to find out how cocoa was planted and processed so we talked with […]

My, oh My.. Mai Ramen!

More food porn to ease the harangued mind. This week’s theme is definitely, eat your noodles and find that happy place! Here are 5 good reasons why we, i.e. me and my colleagues, like this new-ish ramen joint for unwinding after a hard days work.. 1. This place has great but unconventional beer food/snacks: I […]

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