Palm Oil – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Worker on a Palm Oil Plantation – photo via Background While in high school and secondary school, we learnt about palm oil (Malay term – kelapa sawit) in our science classes. We were taught where and how it was planted, how oil was extracted from its fruit and what were the products derived from […]

Mama Min’s Studio – Grand Opening!

Word is out! Mama min has moved her baking from home to Mama Min Studio located in Damasara Perdana. Mama Min’s new baking Studio will also be offering baking and decorating classes to adults and children. Her aim is to have a place where everyone feels at home. She is trying to capture what she […]

The Crazies

Being big horror buffs, we recently got our hands on one of George A. Romero’s earliest underrated films that had been recruited for the remake, as Breck Eisner (Sahara) took on The Crazies for modern audiences this year. The film follows a town that gets accidentally exposed to a biological weapon, leaving many of the […]

Powered Paragliding

Almost like Icarus. Powered Paragliding is exhilarating. If you remember the character from ancient Mythology , Icarus, was the son of Daedalus who attempted to escape Crete by flight which ended in a fall to his death. He made a pair of wings but the wax melted as he got too close to the sun, […]

Off now..

Hello my lovely readers! I’m off to USA for a week & the site is being moved! We’re upgrading to a new web host. The maintenance will begin Saturday morning, the 1st of May,  so you may experience a little weirdness. Normal service should resume by the 3rd of May. xoxo, Ciki

Photo(s) of the Week – The Dell

There are many versions of the story on how Coronado Island, became Coronado Island. My favourite one is about the bunnies! Across the bay from downtown San Diego there lies a city, that city is Coronado. It is a city full of wonderful and beautiful things, but how did it come into being? It all […]


Mid last week, twitter was rocking with so many updates on Eyjafjallajökull it was hard to miss the news.  Many civil aviation authorities throughout Europe ordered their country’s airspace closed because of a cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland, forcing up to 6,000 flight cancellations across the continent. The extent of the disruption […]

Photo(s) of the Week – La Jolla Cove

This is La Jolla! One of my TOP 5 places to live, in the whole, wide, world, if I had the choice.. it is LUSH, gorgeous, unpolluted, offers great water-sports (work on that great tan!) and generally is just really, really cool. La Jolla Cove (1100 Coast Boulevard) is a very small beach, tucked between […]

Travel Contest: Win Prizes Doing the Blog Hop

THE BLOG HOP IS NOW BEING PLAYED ON SIX GBN MEMBER BLOGS. Please click here to find out where to play this week. . . Next week, the Global Bloggers Network are kicking off an amazing 3-week travel contest that you’ll want to play. Win Great Prizes $2,000 cash prize thanks to Contiki $1,000 worth […]

Movie Review – The Boondock Saints

Fraternal twins Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery – Suicide Kings) and Murphey (Norman Reedus – Gossip) MacMannus are on a mission from God to rid Boston of crime. However, instead of signing up for the police force, these twins are on a mission from God to rid Boston of crime, i.e. these hard-drinking Irish-American brothers take […]

Photo(s) of the Week – Ko Lipe

Perhaps one of our favourite road trips is to the islands on the South West coast of Thailand is Ko Lipe. Living in Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia, makes crossing the Malaysian Thai boarder by car rather easy, and then a gorgeous beach holiday is only a stone’s throw away. Ko Lipe […]

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