5 Foods You Have To Try In South Africa

South Africa is a vibrant country made up of an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds, with the influences of the African tribes including the fearsome warriors of the Zulu nation. All these different cultures come together in the pots and pans of the kitchens of South Africa, where interesting and delicious dishes can […]

The Roman Holiday

I don’t know about you but I loved the movie, The Roman holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn, where a bored and sheltered princess escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome.. Long before I visited the land, that was the image I had in my mind, of what Rome would be […]

Dubai: Hotel Heaven?

Dubai has turned into the world’s luxury hotel capital, yet a Dubai holidays package comes with an affordable price tag. Choose from a wide array of beautiful hotels in Dubai when planning your next holiday. Dubai is a popular choice for countless travellers around the world. As one of the seven emirates of the United […]

New York luxury hot spots


Today’s guest writer is Yuli Linssen Kaminitz, guest blogger from EasyToBook.com Ever since the cult show “Gossip Girl” entered our lives, we’ve never been the same. Well, I don’t know about the men, but us chicks, oh, we got our induction into the luxury living of New York’s high society, all right. The characters on […]

Lovely Lanzarote.. A Land of Hidden Gems

Most people would probably associate Lanzarote with package holidays and a week on the beach. However, there’s so much hidden beneath the surface for those willing to explore beyond the resorts and escape the sun lounger by the pool. For the more inquisitive traveller, its best to find a nice hotel in Lanzarote as a […]

Perth – Food, Wine and Natural Beauty

The city of Perth in Western Australia lies within easy reach of sandy beaches, stellar surf breaks, vineyards, wineries, forests and national parks. In Perth and the surrounding areas you’ll find a myriad of award winning restaurants, wineries and boutique breweries, particularly in the Swan Valley and Margaret River regions. You can take the ferry […]

Top 5 Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Stay at When in India

Traveling abroad when vacationing is something that most people spend a great deal of time planning, as they pen different attractions and must-see destinations into their calendars, and also as they try to determine their budgets so that the bottom line is kept in check. One of the more popular tourist destinations in the world […]

The birthplace of flamenco.. Seville!


The cradle of flamenco is certainly in western Andalucia, and there are few better places for flamenco than Seville. There are different ways to enjoy flamenco in Seville ranging from popular tourist shows with dinner to more informal affairs in flamenco bars. We found a couple situated not too far from our apartments in Seville. […]

10 Things to Do in Venice

As we set out one blustery evening, to take a walk around Venice, I remember cussing under my breath, at not having brought along with me a thicker jacket, from our apartments in Venice. How would I survive the cold? Amazingly, I soon forgot my discomfort as we started exploring the city. They don’t call […]

The Backpacker Checklist: 5 Things to Remember Before A Round the World Trip

Today’s guestpost is by my buddy Backpacking Tom and he writes on “the backpacker’s checklist”. Before going on an extended trip around the world there is so much to think about that it’s easy for something to slip through the net and get forgotten. Some things are more important than others and in my opinion […]

Bridges of Budapest


One of the best and most memorable company trips I ever went on, would be to Eastern Europe, when we visited Budapest. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and it has many interesting structures including bridges and buildings. One of my favorite things to do in this city is to walk through the bridges. […]

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