KLIA – Food and Fashion & Travel Contest – RM5000 to be Won!

Everyone knows eating in an airport is, at best, a from of survival instinct, but as the holiday season sets into motion, it’s likely that you’ll be forced to do so in the next two months. Yet there’s more to airport food than sub-nutritious fast food, bad coffee, stale sandwiches, and overpriced ala carte dining […]

10 Things I Love About My City, Madrid


Madrid is a sophisticated city that receives thousands of tourists each year. But what do we locals love about the Spanish capital? Read on for my very own personal list. And if you’re looking to visit yourself, and looking to make your money go a long way, you can find budget accommodation in Madrid on […]

Rail tours across glorious Canada

It’s got the longest coastline in the world and shares the longest land border with its neighbour, the United States. Little wonder rail tours are one of the best ways to experience Canada in all its glory; the wildness and desolation of its northern landscape, extending to some 500 miles from the North Pole; the […]

Organic Traveling – Top 5 Destinations with the finest organic kitchens

Whether it’s sampling steaks in Argentina or tucking into truffles in Italy, experiencing delicious South African braai or feasting on fragrant dishes in a Thai market, luxury Holidays and good food always go delightfully hand-in-hand. Recently we’ve seen a huge surge in the trend of organic kitchens and hotel restaurants producing incredibly tasty food from […]

Discovering Thailand for Beginners

Thailand is a land powdered with beaches, in places rising into verdant mountains, and in others spattering the sea with slivers of earth. It sprouts astounding, ornate and incomprehensible architecture, with many of the finest examples to be seen in its temples. The mainland rushes with sparkling, pounding waterfalls and rivers, sometimes it pools into […]

It don’t have to be all scrums at the Rugby World Cup


Looking at the calendar, there are now only 5 weeks until the Rugby World Cup 2011 kicks off in New Zealand. As the date draws near, excitement takes over New Zealand as rugby fans in hopes of their national team lifting the World Cup at Eden Park start streaming into the country. Usually, travelling to […]

Escorted Holidays Bring The Old South To Life

There’s no doubt escorted holidays are a great way to explore the ‘Old South’, made so famous by the block-buster movie ‘Gone with The Wind’. The movie, even now, helps bring in a fair number of first-time visitors to this charming part of the United States, despite the seven decades that have passed since its […]

Are you getting the cover you need from your travel insurance?

It’s often easy to forget the essentials when you’re going on holiday. Somewhere between remembering to pack your travel 1st aid-kit and tracking down everyone’s passports, travel insurance is often forgotten. But it can offer valuable protection from a number of eventualities that can befall you while you’re away, making the difference between an enjoyable […]

Dubai- The Middle East’s Brightest Gem


Dubai is the brightest gem in the Middle East. It’s also the best place to enjoy an all inclusive holiday. Dubai hotels are the best in the world. They offer palatial rooms with all the amenities, stunning views, sumptuous meals and superior service. An all inclusive holiday in Dubai also places you in the presence […]

Things You Need To Know When Traveling In France

France is a beautiful country that has some of the oldest buildings, architecture, and culture in the world. It has long captivated people across the globe and called to people with its art and beauty. Millions of Americans travel every year to the country and take in its amazing food and wine. It doesn’t really […]

Five steps to a better holiday

Holidays are great, most people spend a fairly large portion of the year planning, booking and looking forward to theirs. Who can blame them? A chance to escape the rigours of everyday life and jet off to some sunshine is definitely welcome. So, what if you could make your next holiday even better? With a […]

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