Why you should visit Cairns

Cairns Australia, mecca for divers, and not only that, a great holiday destination for food and adventure as well. Cairns, Australia, with loads of great hotels to choose from, and its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, tons of scuba divers, make their annual pilgrimage to this gorgeous stretch of beach […]

Tips on Travel to Athens, Greece

Once one has arrived in this vast city of Athens, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The sapping heat draws energy from already tired bodies. However, it is often found that most Greek train station, metro personnel and members of the public are kind enough to lend a helping hand, offering advice and assistance. I […]

The Parisian Breakfast


In Paris, breakfast is yet another nuance that quickly distinguishes the tourists from the locals — just note where each goes and what they order! Sure, there are French restaurants that serve hungry travelers Eggs Benedicts or a California Omelets, but you won’t catch any self-respecting Parisian eating such a heavy breakfast, they keep it […]

Three of Newcastle’s tastiest traditional dishes


For being such a small nation there is a huge amount of variety to be found in England. Dialects and accents can de completely transformed in the space of less than 100 miles and traditional foods enjoyed in Cornwall can be quite different to those devoured in Birmingham for example. Such regionality and local identity […]

Delicious Regional Delicacies of the UK


The UK really isn’t known for its cuisine, quite the contrary in fact. If you are planning a culinary tour in Europe you are likely to pick Italy, France, or maybe the new kid on the block, Spain. The UK does, however, have some great regional delicacies that are proudly served throughout the country. If […]

My Top 3 Brunch Spots In Seattle


I do love Seattle. And I’ve long associated each season with a different type of meal. Fall, for example, is the season of lunch – the season of hot soups and crisp sandwiches. Winter is the time for warm and relaxing dinners. And summer, of course, is the season of the picnic and the barbeque. […]

Are you an Online Coupon Addict?


Are you an online coupon addict? I don’t think I am, but I do love a good bargain, and I do like using online coupon codes when buying stuff online. I have friends who really enjoy searching out these free deals online. I have heard of instances where they gave up parties, outings with their […]

Contract Food Manufacturing


I was just talking to my buddy who is in contract food manufacturing, over the weekend. I even got to see their manufacturing plant, and it was a real eye-opener. In fact, by the end of the day I really learnt quite a few things involved in running a contract food manufacturing company. Say for […]

Not So Grim Up North.. Travel UK

Maybe it’s not quite so grim up North? When David Cameron had his holiday in Cornwall, words like “staycation” suddenly entered in the national lexicon. But have you even considered one? You probably wouldn’t think of a weekend in, say, Liverpool, as equivalent to a weekend in Paris or Rome, but you might be surprised. […]

Mini Breakers are the way to go

Photo credit – New York by Kaysha Time for a change of scenery? At some point in our working lives, we have all found ourselves sitting in front of our computer screen, supping the dregs of our 6th coffee and grimly contemplating the mountain of work still left to do. Tasks which – if printed […]

Luxury Holidays to Mauritius

A velvety green volcanic island, washed by the sparkling waves of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is typically recognised as a beach paradise. It’s a first choice for honeymooners and water sports enthusiasts but is equally appealing to those with a penchant for a hammock and a frosty daiquiri. The naturally opulent landscape has a magnetic […]

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