Friedchillies Love your Streetfood

You know how C&C are great fans of streetfood? Well, if you are crazy about MALAYSIAN street-food too and have your own favourites, please go to Friedchillies’ Love Your Streetfood website where you can vote for the BEST in every category. (Deadline is 18th October) After that, sit back, relax, keep your fingers crossed for […]

Yakitori Baby @ Izakaya Tamako

OH HAPPY DAY! One Winner of my contest has collected his meal. Where is the other.. ? She is still MIA (missing in action!) These two folks won the Cumi & Ciki Malacca Caption contest with their witty, winning entries. GO HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF THE PRETTY WINNERS! GO HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL POST […]

Thanks for Voting for the Monkeys!

Top 9 Food Blog!

Thanks to you, our lovely readers.. We made it!(click badge) xoxo, Cumi & Ciki (We are now on the mainlist (leftside) and our latest posts will be updated there!)

Vote Cumi & Ciki .. your traveling, eating Monkeys!


hi guys, we are so excited! we, Cumi & Ciki have been nominated on, under the category of Top 9 Food Blogs! Please vote4us by clicking on the link, going to the right sidebar of the page and voting  last box Cumi & Ciki. VOTE HERE! Thanks so much to our readers – we […]


Because the submissions were so good, we have a TIE! After the judges (Kenny Mah , Cumi & Ciki) deliberated day and night for 3 days and 3 nights, they have finally reached a unanimous decision. The two winners for the Caption Writing Contest are.. 1. Breadpitt (MALAYSIA) 2. Marnie (Philippines) Congratulations – we will […]

Caption Contest


Happy Wesak Day to our Readers who celebrate it. We are out of town this weekend. Can you guess where we are..? (hint: it is dubbed the historical state, and the 3rd smallest state in Malaysia).   The TWO questions to answer are: 1. Where are we? 2. Write a caption for the above photo. […]

Travel Contest: Win Prizes Doing the Blog Hop

THE BLOG HOP IS NOW BEING PLAYED ON SIX GBN MEMBER BLOGS. Please click here to find out where to play this week. . . Next week, the Global Bloggers Network are kicking off an amazing 3-week travel contest that you’ll want to play. Win Great Prizes $2,000 cash prize thanks to Contiki $1,000 worth […]



WINNERS OF THE COMPETITION DATED 26 Feb 2010 , photo from Please kindly see cumi & ciki to collect your pressie. You will be dining with us this weekend;)

Fugu without Poison is like …


Good Morning all! I recently read this article in the Telegraph UK that scientists have learned how to remove the toxin in Fugu! That’s right folks, the Tetrodotoxin is in the bag, and soon, eating Fugu will be like eating any other non-toxic fish in a Japanese restaurant. Think of all the Japanese Fugu master […]

Contest Friday

QUESTION: 1. WHO’S TATTOO IS ‘ALILFATMONKEY’ LOOKING AT , and 2.WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Be the first person to answer the following question correctly on both Cumi & Ciki and alilfatmonkey’s blog to win yourself a fabulous prize. Remember, you need to answer on both blogsites, correctly to be eligible. Trust me, you’ll want this […]


To all who participated – thank you! Your contest answers via email as well as the comment box were really spot on ! Unfortunately.. there can be only one winner.. and that is Keropokman! (your unpublished answers also very funny la.. maybe one day you can tell the Ahpa!) So, keropokman (who lives in Singapore) […]

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