Rhapsody Bar Lounge Opens its Doors @ Hatten Square

Melaka… seems like our second home! So, here we are again, but this time for the inaugural opening of a new nightspot, Rhapsody Bar Lounge. An urbane lifestyle hub in downtown Melaka, Rhapsody is fresh on the scene with somewhat of a cool vibe, that both locals as well as tourists, might find interesting and a change from […]

La Fiesta Espanola – La Bodega The Shore, Malacca

I used to think that Malacca’s shopping centers weren’t as exciting at KL’s. That was until The Shore Malacca opened. And, we would not have known about this cool mall, had we not been invited for the opening of La Bodega in Malacca, last week.

Yves Cuilleron Wine Dinner at Casa del Rio, Melaka

The last time we had the pleasure of meeting Yves Cuilleron, it was roughly a year and a half ago, at another wine dinner in KL. Back then, Yves hardly spoke a word of English – he was friendly enough, but the language barrier was evident. Now, a year and a half later, we meet […]

Greywacke Wine dinner with Kevin Judd @ Casa del Rio Melaka

Before I met the man, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that Kevin Judd, was a famous winemaker at Cloudy Bay for over two decades, and then left to launched his own label, Greywacke to huge critical acclaim in 2010. When we did get to finally meet him and have a […]

10 things that will happen to you when a Malaccan boy, takes you to Malacca

1. He will feed you breakfast till you are stuffed.. . 2. He will drive you carefully on the highway to Malacca.. The Malaccan boy is amazing. Equipped with only his hands (for driving) and his mouth (for talking) he can single-handedly carry on a conversation without stopping, from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca town. Throw […]

Nadeje Patisserie on a Monday Morning.

I love my colleagues! Who takes the trouble to lug a whole 1.5 kg cake, ice packed, all the way from Malacca, back to the office, to present his co-workers with a gorgeous Monday morning breakfast treat. WHO? My colleague la. That’s who:P Bless his generous soul. He totally brightened up our boring, hazy, sullen […]

ATV Quad Bike @ Ayer Keroh, Malacca

What does Ayer Keroh have apart from,  CHENDOL, BAO, and RM2.50 Chicken rice? (Cumi: Really well prepared roast & boiled chicken! Moist and flavourful with minimal salt. Possibly even better than the best, at dirt cheap prices! – compared to KL that is) . . .  Exhilarating Off-Road adventure!   . . . This crazy […]

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball @ Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka

It was a really zippy day trip to go visit a friend in Melaka.. we only had time to dash into Melaka town, have lunch, and dash back to KL! Eventhough the word on the street is that the Chicken Rice has dropped in standard in Melaka, I am still a SUCKER for The Chicken […]

Nadeje Bakery, Melaka – One thousand layers of YUM

I am totally GOB-SMACKED that graffiti like THIS , exists in Malacca? Get out of here! Unreal! It’s like 3 in the afternoon, and I am standing under the blazing sun staring at this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of art for like the longest time… Takes my colleagues a good 10 minutes to yank me back […]

Poh Piah Lwee @ Jongker Street , Melaka

This is (one part of) Jongker Street… And this is where I met Madam Lwee… She proudly saunters over and tells me, “That’s ME..!” in the photo.. and that their popiah, laksa business has been going strong for the past 13 years… Their secret?? … Herein lies the brilliance of this dish… HUGE, huge chunks […]

Chicken Rice @ Jalan Bendahara, Melaka

What is the significance of this old, run-down, 9 storey flat on Jalan Bendahara Malacca, you say…? Introducing “Kau-lau”… or 9 Storey flat… more notoriously known for suicides than any other place in Malacca… so say-eth my Malaccan colleagues, on my recent visit. THE FOLLOWING NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE IDENTITIES OF THE […]

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