T Fourty Two

KENNY: Picture you upon my knee Just tea for two And two for tea Just me for you And you for me.. alone… [DIALOGUE] Kenny: Why Lemongrass, you shouldn’t have..! A surprise party.. how sweet! LL: Oh Kenny, why ever not.. Oh, I insists, sugarbuns KENNY: I’m discontented with homes that I’ve rented So I [...]

Prime, Le Meridien KL

Ah.. what can I tell you about Prime? Well, I think that at least 90% of the KL food bloggers are in agreement. Prime’s steaks are to die for. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Bring on the mandatory steak-porn and let the procession begin. Located in Le Meridien Hotel KL, Prime is [...]

Riblee’s, Believe it or Not..

Now you see it.. Now you don’t! It’s Riblee’s very amazing.. Bourbon Ribs!! Ah.. truly satisfying, especially when washed down with a good year.. Crisp Roast Pork Salad -Crispy roast pork served on a bed of greek salad & topped with balsamic vinegar When Sean of EatdrinkKL said to me, Ciki, we are going for [...]

Sunday Roast Lunch at the Ritz

I’ve always wanted to say that. When someone asks, where are you having lunch? It’s super chic to reply “At the Ritz.” Just recently, Cumi & Ciki were invited to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, downtown, at the swanky Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur. Sunday Roast lunches are by far my favourite. Every hot, languid afternoon [...]


One day, as Ciki was reading stuff on the Internet, she found.. something that described herself and the company she kept, to a Tee. THERE, in the Urban Dictionary, it was written: 1. Bacon or Pork Lovers: n. People who are infatuated with everything and anything pork related.. and think that anytime of the day, [...]


The reason why I have never been big on theme restaurants is because I just find them plain garish. They go against my sense of good taste and they give me an uncomfortable, “make believe” feeling that’s weird, and just not me. Theme restaurants are also restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes [...]

The Haute Food Co.

There is an element of mystery about chance meetings Nothing is by coincidence in this world What we see is not all that is happening Unseen forces are at work everywhere Sewing the threads of preordained design Hidden from view from before time Reach out and touch what is meant to be Before its too [...]

Pink Sage

Buttermilk Pancakes

Sometimes you get a hankering for a simple egg on toast that just won’t go away. The image pops up in your mind and no matter what you do.. it just hangs around like a stray puppy that won’t go away till you pet it on the head. . . Well, one of the places [...]

Cafe Palma at Mt Kiara Condominiums

Cafe Palma at Mt. Kiara Condominiums. Cool, breezy, overlooking the pool and lounge deck-chairs. If I didn’t know better I would say I was about to have a pool-side dinner in a Holiday Resort. That is the sort of laid-back feeling you get dining and this lovely little pool-side Cafe in Mt Kiara. This cafe [...]

RIBS @ Oasis, Bandar Utama PJ

If you are a vegetarian, you need to steer clear of Ribs at Oasis, BU. Crispy Pork Knuckle RM49.90 However, if you are a real meat lover, you can order a whole pork knuckle to share between two and have a fairly decent amount to sink your teeth into. My colleague made a fair comment. [...]

Meatworks @ Solaris Mt Kiara (Soho KL)

We’d been eyeing the place for a while. What goes on in that corner shop lot, whose name declares the promise of a full steak dinner and all that bleeds in good old fashioned, grilled red meat. Milk Feb lamb – RM39.00 Apparently here at Meatworks, the menu is created for that precise purpose. To [...]