Rama V’s New Mouthwatering Thai Menu

Although Thai restaurants in KL are a dime a dozen, and some of the menus I’ve browsed seem a tad boring and homogeneous, some restaurants constantly evolve and improve on their cuisine. Which is why there’s a good chance you won’t recognize much of the fare at Rama V. This somewhat low-key, casual, comfortable, yet […]

Sbai Thai Minimarket & Restaurant, Ampang

Beware what the Thai menu calls “medium spicy” as it is hellaciously hot! Sbai Thai Minimarket & Restaurant, Ampang is currently our favourite go-to Thai joint for a quick, spicy fix. Here are 5 more of our favourite Thai Streetfood restaurants in KL. We have to tell you though that most of the dishes here […]

Hwan by Chakri

Hwan means ‘sweet’ in Thai. But whilst some Thai desserts might tend toward the decorative, the sticky, and the cloyingly sweet, Hwan, is more of a no frills kind of dessert joint, and the desserts thankfully are not overly sweet. tab tim grob

Rama V & the Songkran Festival with Janet Lee


It was a good thing that, instead of dunking us in water, the good folks of Rama V, used a pandan leaf, soaked in scented water, to gently bestow some good luck sprinkles on our shoulders. Otherwise, we would have been thoroughly soaked, as this was Thai Songkran, the mother of all water festivals. The […]

Songkran @ Erawan


I’m glad I was not in Thailand for Songkran. Armed with water guns, the weekend of Songkran, is a great excuse Thai folks to shoot girls and boys and tourists alike with water. Of course, the boys, girls and tourists shoot back. Needless to say, this is the country’s most popular festival, which runs every […]

Fa-Ying great cocktails and Sandwiches!

Not just great.. but Bloody Fa-Ying Great Cocktails and Sandwiches at Fa-Ying, by Rama V! Don’t ask the chef here, what sorcery he worked over the kitchen. Just ask him to weave his magic again on one of the crusty ciabatta sandwiches, and trust me, with meats flavoured the old-fashioned Thai way, you’ll be begging […]

Fa Ying by Rama V @ Paradigm Mall

Fa Ying by Rama V, is the latest addition to Paradigm Mall, PJ. The name which means celestial princess in Thai, is a perfect match for this contemporary Thai restaurant with a feminine touch. Maybe it’s the striking trademark fuchsia pink seats against stark black deco that pushes all the right buttons (and I do […]

Baan Ruen Thai @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

After we put together this post on our Top 5 Thai Street Food Stalls in Kuala Lumpur, we found another addition to the family. The spanking new restaurant, called Baan Ruen Thai has opened shop, right opposite New Yew Sang Seafood, on Jalan SS 6/8, Kelana Jaya, and you will not believe how cheap the […]

Top 5 Thai Street Food Joints in Kuala Lumpur


People ask us, where do you go for great Thai street food in KL? Well, we have five places that we frequent and love. Not just because the food is ultra spicy and tasty, but because of the humble set up and the authentic street food cooked by Thai residents in Malaysia. These are the […]

KHAO by Rama V

90 Mango Sicky Rice_low res

The name “Khao” means rice. And rice, is a symbol of cultural identity and global unity.. rice is south east asia’s most popular food. It shapes religious observances, festivals, customs, cuisine and celebrations. The main food in Thailand is of course rice. Everyone eats it. But we can’t really eat rice alone so we have […]



The newly refurbished Erawan looks terrific. Two shiny thai guardian angels painted in gold and framed in red, greet patrons who visit this cosy Thai restaurant. With the renovations, Erawan now lets in a lot more natural light, looks spacious and expansive. I really love the latest chi-chi additions to the restaurant – a rust […]

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