Skybar .. lofty dining @ Traders Hotel

Buffalo wings are at their best when eaten by the dozen, accompanied by beer and the sports channel at the pub. Alternatively, great cocktails also do them buffalo wings justice, so long as they are made right, with a tangy kick to cut the grease. Sometimes I like my buffalo wings with a glass of […]

Sid’s @ Bangsar South

We pay Sid’s a visit for lunch, to try their famous pub grub! Entering Sid’s, you can’t help but like it straight away. None of that dark and dank, pub smell present and Sid’s goes a bit lighter even. The standard pub grub and draft offerings are on hand, and a cherrywood bar extends from […]

The Moon Bar @ Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights

Star gazing… Moon gazing… and dinner at the Moon Bar. What an unusual name. It kind of conjured up images of werewolves and things that go bump in the night, coming out to play. But far from being creepy, we found that this latest gastro pub on the Plaza Damansara strip, served rather nice, unpretentious […]

Christmas Lunch at Cellar Door, with Chef Andrew Blundy


So this is where we spent Christmas lunch.., at Cellar Door with Chef Andrew Blundy.. If some benevolent Chef is offering to cook, and be there to ring in Christmas with you, with a huge 6 course feast complete with wine pairings, don’t say no.. Just show up! And since I don’t cook anyway, this […]

Cellar Door @ Double Tree by Hilton

Honey colored wood walls stretch high to the sky at Cellar Door, dampening music and conversation. An equally handsome wooden floor and soft incandescent lighting create a subterranean ambience akin to a monk’s cheese cellar. Softly illuminated in the room’s center is a long bar that dominates one side of the dining room and is […]

Vin’s Restaurant & Bar @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail


One of the nicest places to unwind after a hard day’s work, is Vin’s in TTDI. Apart from terrific customer service, the pub grub served here, tastes way above average, and the icing on the cake, is of course, the Asahi Beer on Tap! That’s right folks , the freshest, driest Asahi draft beer to […]


If someone told you that you could have 5 margarita’s for RM80 bucks, you would probably shake your head in disbelief.. Not only that, that you could have the most addictive crispy bacon, the darkest, smoothest most mysterious *beer, *Erdinger Weissbier ‘dark’ is a rich and smooth wheat beer specialty from Erdinger Weissbräu. The dark […]

Decanter Too @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

de·cant·er (d-kntr) A vessel used for decanting, especially a decorative bottle used for serving wine. a stoppered bottle into which a drink is poured for serving ox·tail (äks′tāl′) noun: the tail of an ox, steer, or cow, esp. when skinned and used in soup/stew. flash (fl’ esh) v. flashed, flash·ing, flash·es v.intr. 1. To burst […]

Decanter @ Section 17 PJ

Decanter section 17… great for bloody mary’s, graveyards… and killing time whilst waiting for the traffic jam to subside, en route to dinner Full set dinner on Fridays and Sats, with a ”drink-all– you-can drink” menu. RM68 per head. Not bad if you guzzle like a fish.. 😛

The George & Dragon @ Bangsar Shopping Center, KL

Twas.. LARRY… CURLY … and MOE…. and moi…. and la fille… (ah.. tres jolie..!) that oh-so-cute-and friendly waitress with MENU on t-shirt… at… The George and Dragon.. ! Dragons lived in the early records of the British Isles, and stand as ominous shades in the history of english folklore, especially where the population is predominantly […]

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