The Nautilus Project @ ION Orchard, Singapore

I am in Singapore this week! Orchard Road.. shopping mecca.. and now, ION Orchard:) The first shop ever on Orchard Road was TANGS founded in 1934 and established on Orchard Road in the 1950s. Orchard Road is flanked by pedestrian malls. The latest addition, ION Orchard has the distinction of also being a future residential […]

House & Co. @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

House & Co. Great place for Friends & Co. to meet and hangout over lunch. . . . Eat your Top-Hat.. ‘Pai Ti’ .. it’s good for you! Top Hats at house & co. – RM9.00 Kedondong Juice – RM7.00 Taste like leaves, grass and all things chlorophyll in nature.. Herbed Chicken Salad – RM25.00 […]

Pick N Brew @ 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

After lunch one day, moseying around 1utama, we decided to go pay Jackson a visit at Pick n Brew. We like the laid back, modern feel of this place – each chair is wide and comfy and most convenient for lounging be it internet surfing or just sitting around ‘lepaking’ with your mates. For me, […]

Chili Espresso @ Sooka Sentral, KL

PART II to Ciki’s Birthday Week “Faster, faster.. THAMBY! Are you coming or not… alilfatmonkey is hungry la.. “ “Go ahead and order first la.. I am ‘kambing’… ” says LL aka Thamby. “Fine! Nom, nom, nom….” Can you see how much somebody likes his fried mee as well as pizza ๐Ÿ˜› Cordon Bleu chef […]

Champ’s @ Centerpoint, Bandar Utama

Champs BU.. fantastic for the Chee Yoke Fun (Pork Noodles) because .. The soup tastes like as if, pork and bone and all the meaty bits of the pig, have been boiling for days. Throw in a generous portion of Chee Yar Char (Fried Pork Lard) and what you get is a murky bowl of […]

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya 1, PJ

My friends the food bloggers are a fun-loving bunch. They can eat any menu clean, they can drink any pub dry. Sometimes we meet new friends along the way, and the party gets even more amazing. I like the way Jumbo sized beers get ‘put in their place’ as the night wears on. Eat drink […]

Carcosa @ Taman Tasik Perdana, KL – The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting at Carcosa Seri Negara. Let’s be honest, when I hear words like Single malt, Carcosa, Whisky tasting all strung up in the same long sentence, it makes my palms sweat. In a good way, of course. I was the privileged one to be invited to be part of […]

MJ Cafe @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

If you are in the Tropicana area, and it happens to be 6pm – don’t forget happy hour at MJ Cafe! Don’t ask me about the FOOD here.. because this is not the sorta place I would recommend for great food.. if you catch my drift… However, the finger food is not bad.. and the […]

Juicy Couture & The Loaf @ Pavilion Shopping Center, KL

What can i say… sometimes i wish i LIVED here! I mean, Juicy is just so sunshiny-happy.. that nothing bad could ever happen here! haha… (sounds like b’fast at tiffany’s or not?!) Owned by the Liz Claiborne fashion company, Juicy is famous for their terrycloth and velor tracksuits. PINK reindeer wall deco… girls you’ve got […]

Alexis @ Bangsar Shopping Center, KL

This is my favourite hangout place on a Sunday, especially after a killer game of tennis! No way are we gonna reverse all that good we did, by pigging out on unhealthy food. No way! Alexis BSC, Bangsar is where we choose to go for a wholesome SALAD dinner… yes siree! Incidentally, I love WHITE […]

Champ’s @ Centerpoint, Bandar Utama

We love Champs, we do! It’s our favourite lunchtime venue because it is so close to work! But that’s not the only reason we love it. We love it because we are SIZE QUEENs. That’s right.. because bigger is (always)better.. and it doesn’t get any bigger than THIS… lol ๐Ÿ˜› I mean just look at […]

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