Rougeur Champagne Brunch @ Menara Tokio Marine Life

Never in my life, had I set foot into Menara Tokio Marine Life before, let alone, heard about Rougeur. Well I had to quickly google it because I had a Champagne brunch to attend, and I hadn’t the foggiest clue where this place was. Champagne brunches are all the rage these days. And I am […]

Opika @ 1 Utama

Switching to organic is tough for many people who don’t want to pay higher prices or give up their favorite foods. But by choosing certain organic versions of just a few foods that you eat often, you can increase the percentage of organic food in your diet without big changes to your lifestyle. People who […]

Organic vs. Non-organic foods

You’re standing in front of the produce section of your local supermarket and reading the labels intently. In one hand you are holding a conventionally grown carrot. In the other, there’s one that is labeled ‘organically grown’. Both carrots look healthy, a deep orange and both provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. Now picture me at […]

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