Kyoto Lab @ Ampang

The modern decor isn’t the only thing setting Kyoto Lab apart from other Japanese restaurants. The menu is as creative as you will find.. from playful appetizers to speciality sushi rolls, you will have a hard time deciding which delicious dish to settle on. And the most interesting thing about Kyoto lab would be the […]

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

As I stand quietly, patiently, camera trained in the right direction of Chef Daniel and Sage’s open kitchen, my focus can now fall on its mostly exhilarating food: a decadent slice of Hiramasa King Fish with smoked Avruga caviar Cream that’s the stuff of dreams; a mélange of Consomme of Foie Gras with Fresh Mushroom […]

Daikanyama’s Malay Fusion Specials

Daikanyama.. that funky, Japanese fusion restaurant located on Changkat Bukit Bintang is already a well known place to the people that party along its road – one of KL’s most famous party streets. This small but swanky space is another effort by the winning team of Edwin Yau and Colin Chung, who are also behind […]

Shuraku, Solaris KL

Shuraku is a slightly cramped space heavy with yakitori fumes, old calendars, and interesting Japanese magazines hanging from worn out grills. It is also so insanely cool that local Japanese (themselves, insanely cool) frequent this joint after work for an ice cold beer and some good authentic yakitori. Of course, it’s not just a manically […]

Where the Ordinary, becomes, Extraordinary

Daikanyama.. ordinary food, made in an extraordinary way.. We like the extraordinary! Next Stop Daikanyama! It’s time to escape the confines of city life. Take a ride and surrender yourself to the birth of a new subculture of hip and happening bohemia.. at Daikanyama, Japan, right here in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, MARAYSIA (said […]

Things I like to do in Singapore..

1. PARTY . . 2. SHOP . . 3. EAT Not just eat, but eat well. To me, fine dining in Singapore really takes the cake. I have enjoyed many fantastic fine dining experiences in Singapore and here is one more to add to the ever growing list of ‘Must Eats’. TATSUYA. I was told […]

People ask me why I like Fusion Cuisine.

Fusion Cuisine. A term that we are hearing more and more of these days. Is if for real? Is it here to stay or just a passing fad. Is it a ploy to pass of mediocre food with no specific style of cooking by classifying it under this broad and trendy eclectic term. Is it […]

I Eat Drink KL @ Basque Lane & Somo, Mt Kiara

I always love meeting up with Sean of EatDrinkKL because all he does, is take me out to do crazy activities such as stuffing my face on fun food, such as Meats & Carbo dunked in Fondue.. sitting around outside under palm trees and counting the stars under the  starry starry sky, telling me stories […]

Nobu @ Down Town San Diego – Dance lil lady dance…

Downtown San Diego.. on a Saturday night… Any place worth entering…. Has a massive, massive queue… Being too lazy to queue… we decided to have drinks 1st .. at a bar nearby… mmmmmmm…. nothing hits the spot like the 1st beer of the day… finally… time to hit NOBU for dinner… The blue electric guitar […]

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