Dining like a Maharani @ Passage Thru India

Here’s something we hear rather often. “I like Indian food, but I don’t eat it enough.” If you’re one of those people, who doesn’t automatically think Indian cuisine when you’re eating out, join the club. But that recently all changed when we chanced to to walk into Passage Thru India several weekends ago, after a […]

Awesome Thosai & Biryani @ Asian Rice Pot, SS5 !

If you’re a thosai addict like I am, then you need to check out Asian Rice Pot. This place does the most awesome Ghee Thosai on earth. It’s so crispy, yet soft and flavourful, I would go so far as to say, one of the best in PJ for just RM2.50.

Pudu Chinese Indian Rice @ Restoran Sin Hiap Kee

One of the places we love to visit in Pudu, for some carbo loading, is this place we call, the “Pudu Chinese Indian Rice”. Run by a friendly Chinese lady, you would mistake this place for authentic indian rice, except that the cook is Chinese. Cumi, in his youth, before his intolerance to caffeine developed, […]

Devi’s Corner Bangsar

“No no no.. it’s Devi’s upstairs.. that’s where you want to eat!” (wiggles head.. & speaks with a thick Indian accent). That’s what my hardcore banana leaf eating friends tell me. And yes, there is a difference. The upstairs and the downstairs. The reason why we hardly eat at Devi’s is because we are inexplicably […]

Back to Vishal @ Brickfields KL

The Chef, the Banana Leaf and Vishal.. The great thing about chinese new year holidays is the quiet streets of KL. The bad thing about chinese New Year hols, is the fact that hardly any restaurants are open, the exceptions being Indian, Malay food and or fast food. Since we had a chef from the […]

I’ve Reached Nirvana.. at Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju!

Talk about reaching Nirvana.. at Sri Nirwana Maju! Why does vegetarian Indian taste so good? Heck some say it tastes better than the real deal. Vegetarian chicken and especially mutton has that lovely texture and flavour, minus the gaminess that many find unappealing in the real meat. You don’t feel so heavy after eating the […]

Seetha Ram @ Little India, Brickfields

We had visited Seetha Ram before without a camera in hand.. now, we were back and armed! From the garish Bollywood posters to the flower sellers who are busy stringing jasmine flowers non-stop to meet the demand, you know you have arrived in “Little India”, Brickfields. Every corner you turn there are shoppers haggled over […]

Jai Hind at Masjid India

Take the tube down to the Masjid Jamek (MJ) stop during lunch hour, has become a norm for us, especially on the weekends, when the traffic is horrendous and we cannot be asked to drive. There tucked away, a mere 5 minute stroll from the MJ tube stop, just further along down OCBC bank, you […]

Kashmir Cafes @ SS3

Kashmir Cafes can afford to be complacent. It has a steady stream of clientele and the place is normally packed for lunch and dinner. It’s one of the few restaurants I know that does banana leaf rice in a superbly clean, comfortable and air-conditioned environment, that passes my test. I’ve eaten enough southern Indian food in […]

Spices of India at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

If you follow your nose and the sweet scent of fresh Indian spices, you will invariably end up (as we did) at Essence, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur. You see, for the entire month of June, you might want to spice up your life, by visiting Essence, as a little bit of “India” has come to […]

Vishal – chettinad cuisine

That familiar entrance.. How many times have we crossed that threshold.. How many people have we brought to visit its eating hall.. We Malaysians are a lucky lot. Here in our multiracial community, we have exposure to all sorts of cuisine. Chinese, Indian, Malay.. you name it, we have it. Some of these ethnic cooking […]

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