Elegantology and the making of Reality Bites

It was touted to be ” A match made in gastronomic heaven” and we would soon find out, just how magical dinner could be, at the skilled hands of Chef Sherson Lian and Chef Johnny Fua. Arriving at Elegantology, it was literally “lights, camera, action” from the word go. It was strange talking to Chef […]

De Martino Wine Dinner @ Favola, Le Meridien KL

Arriving at Favola one evening, we found or seat along the main table, next to Axel Vade Pruzzo, the Chilean Export Manager for De Martino wines, in charge of Asia. We starting talking and he began to tell us the story of this amazing vineyard. De Martino Winery belonged to the De Martino Family, of […]

Hats Off ! Catch 3 Michelin-star Chefs at The Westin KL

Jeremy Biasol

Hats Off to the Starwood group for bringing 3 amazing chefs to our KL shores this week… If you’ve ever wondered why, famous Chefs of Michelin restaurants from around the globe, who visit KL are few and far between, I have good news for you. For 5 days in May (from 8 to 12 May […]

Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows – The Spirit of Conquest

This next installment of the Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows, entitled The Spirit of Conquest, was held at the Chin Woo Stadium in KL. Remember all the tres chi chi and rather interestingly themed Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows dinners ? (here’s one, and here’s another).. Well, the time had arrived for the next one.. this time […]

Martell, Martell, wherefore art thou..?

CCFoodTavel fly to Penang, for the Martell Pure Gourmet dinner.. would it be worth the journey? Martell, the oldest cognac maker in the world, showcased its Penang edition of the Martell Pure Gourmet signature dinner series in the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of George Town. The capital city’s unique blend of cultural and historical […]

Chef Baptiste Fournier Revisits Mezze Bistro

Chef Baptiste Fournier, of the One star Michelin restaurant, La Tour, France, Revisits Mezze Bistro.. We had to get this post out real fast, because, a rather cool and accomplished chef, is visiting Mezze Bistro KL, for just this week. That’s right folks – all good things should and must be shared, and so, from […]

High Tea @ Maison Francaise , KL

Have you been to High Tea at Maison Francaise..? Sometimes you go to a restaurant in KL and have a meal, and leave, feeling more stressed out than when you arrived. They mess up your reservations, keep you waiting for ages, then you find the items you want on the menu are not available either. […]

Chinese New Year & Valentines Day @ Garibaldi KL

It’s no secret that Garibaldi is one of our favorite Italian Restaurants. And we were delighted when we found out that for Chinese New Year, there would be an exciting innovative menu too, for those who celebrate the auspicious year of the Snake. It’s been a long time since Italian Asian fusion cooking has promised […]

Top 3 Places to Dine in St Andrews, Scotland

My love affair with St Andrews… and its awesome culinary scene! One of the nicest places I had the pleasure of visiting, on my recent trip to Scotland, was St Andrews. It’s a beautiful place, and famous for being a Scottish setting for Royal romance. Walking around The Scores, with the wide sweep of St […]

Chef Sam Leong cooks up a storm at Tao, InterContinental KL

chef sam leong

Chef Sam Leong cooks up some wonderful contemporary chinese dishes at Tao, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur.. We had no idea that Chef Sam Leong would be in KL, and for such a short time too. It was fortunate then, that we managed to try his wonderful contemporary chinese cuisine at Tao, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, over the […]

Kampachi @ The Troika KL

Those of us who grew up with Kampachi from the glory days of Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur, know that it has a cult following. The long silence was almost unbearable as Japanese cuisine aficionados waited for this iconic restaurant to open its doors, and open, it did. On December the 10th, after nearly 40 years […]

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