White Truffle Promotion at Graze, KL Hilton

This November, Graze at the KL Hilton, offers its hugely popular white truffle promotion at its newly renovated eatery. With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce, this modern European brassiere is much more approachable now, compared with the previous stylish Senses, and I love the new contemporary look this restaurant is currently sporting. Executive Chef [...]

Sunday Roast Sessions @ Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar

Sundays just got better, with Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar’s latest Sunday Roast Sessions! If you didn’t already figure it out, Amadeus the restaurant, is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood, and in line with fine food and great [...]

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar @ Life Center

I recently went to dinner at Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar with my parents. We were surprised that this new place that does European cuisine, actually served rather delectable food. “If music be the food of love; play on.” Green Peppercorn Steak – contemporary European.. the perfect medium rare Apparently, Amadeus is all about marrying [...]

Food Porn.. at Daniel Boulud’s

Sunday food porn.. There is nothing better, than sharing a platter.. Over Bellini’s. Daniel Boulud’s.. I like this place.     Read the full post, here. Add: db bistro, Marina Bay Sands, 10, Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956  

Tea Tasting with Ronnefeldt at the Ritz-Carlton KL

Just last week, we were invited to tea at the Ritz Carlton.  One thing about the tea they serve at the Ritz – it’s lovely! The three tier afternoon tea set over-flowing with freshly baked scones, quiches, mouth-watering finger sandwiches and delicate pastries is a sight to behold. My tummy rumbled, but first, the serious [...]


What brings these shiny, happy, energetic people together on a fine afternoon? Is it shopping? photography? bogus haircuts ? .. Nope. What brings them together is actually KL’s legendary, less than RM30 per pax  lunch at Max’s. Max@iHaus is a cool joint off Jalan Bukit Bintang that offers great fine-dining in the evenings and equally [...]


Lafite. I was not sure what my expectations were of this super high class restaurant whose name has stood the test of time, apart from expecting the meal to be phenomenally expensive.  Also, being the pessimist that I am, I was expecting to be disappointed by the current reviews I have read so far. Wrong [...]

Prime Time

Feeling anaemic? Want to eat the Best Steak in Kuala Lumpur? During the month of April, Prime introduced for the first time, the Wagyu thick skirt steak. What this means is now, more people can enjoy the great quality of a Wagyu steak without paying exorbitant prices. This humongous steak is priced at approximately RM [...]

The shapes of porcine love

What is circular? What is round? A quarter rolling on the ground. A wheel is a circle, so is the moon, A bottle cap, or a big balloon. What is a square, with sides the same? The wooden board for a checker game. A slice of cheese, a TV screen, A table napkin to keep [...]

Dish @ Dua Annexe, Jalan Tun Razak, KL

Which place serves you Maldon flaky salt with your food? Dish of course. Maldon English Sea Salt is a fabulous pure crystal salt. It comes from Essex, which is located in Southeastern England. This fine salt is harvested by a family run business that has been panning salt since 1882. Maldon salt is drier than [...]

Sage @ The Gardens, KL

When Paranoid Android (PA) organizes lunch at Sage the Gardens, you know it is going to be worth your while attending this afternoon get together because 1. Sage is paranoid android’s second home, 2. service is 1st class and everybody there knows him by name and 3. he is so buddy-buddy with the Chef , [...]