James Cendol Sitiawan comes to Old Klang Road

We found a fabulous new place for Cendol! James Cendol on Old Klang Road does some great Cendol indeed! This spanking new cendol joint (only 6 months old) is situated next to Lee Chong Wei Sri Sentosa Sports Complex (map attached at the end of post), on Old Klang Road. Cumi stumbled upon it, as [...]

Les Deux Garcons @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Tie back your hair, slip into a pair of comfortable Marc Jacobs ballet flats and grab your favorite Chanel bag, because you’re coming with me, to visit my favourite French Pâtisserie, Les Deux Garcons, on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Le deux Garcons, Jalan Telawi, houses the finest authentic French Macarons, along with an array of other [...]

The Launch of A Slice of Heaven at Terrace @ Hock Choon


Congratulations to Just Heavenly, for opening their latest, spanking new outlet at TERRACE @ Hock Choon! That’s right, A Slice of heaven is now open for business and check out the photos from the launch, held mid week – it was a tres tres chi chi event, with fabulous food, wine and cakes too of [...]

Friday Food Porn.. the Truffle Tart

  because truffle anything is good. But YOU.. put the trollop into truffle*tart, you do. Outrageously slutty. Outrageously decadent.   You’re like the shameless hussy I keep sneaking back to see. You’ll be the death of me.   *the tart in question – le pallagio. ask for her smooth, svelte vanilla ganache and white truffle [...]

3 Ways to Cool Down, in Pudu!

Pudu is one of my favourite wastes of time. Some people find it dodgy and a little too working class but I love it. Where else can you find cheap food, cheap and good massages, cheap Ahpro bibs and bobs for your car, cheap dodgy gold watches, cheap camera accessories etc etc, all within walking [...]

Mac Mooncakes

Was just walking around Pavilion last night looking for alternative gifts to give as mooncakes, and guess what I noticed. Novel Mooncake Festival Goodies at delectable Su’s. Since I needed to pick up some mooncakes as gifts for my friends, but didn’t want to add to their already huge collection of mooncakes, I figured that [...]

Food porn – The Kuih Koci

Because this week is Hari Raya week in Malaysia.. and we all deserve something sweet and sticky..   presenting the Kuih Koci! Kuih Koci santan, is a steamed glutinous rice flour dessert, with a grated coconut and gula melaka(brown sugar) filling, slathered in a thick white salty santan, wrapped in a banana leaf.. the shape [...]

Just Heavenly’s Hari Raya Centrepieces

With Raya just round the corner, everyone is gearing up for a fabulous celebration. At the Just Heavenly Headquarters in Bangsar, Nigel Skelchy shows us how to get planning for an awesome Ramadan – one that you and your friends won’t soon forget.. Right folks, so now you’ve seen how much fun it can be, [...]

Food Porn – Les Deux Garcons

Food Porn, this sleepy Sunday morning.. So sexy, you can’t wait to unwrap it.. Touch it, feel it, eat it.. Smells so good, looks so fine.. You want to keep it all to yourself.   Les Deux Garcons, open from 9.30am – 6.30pm (Tuesday-Sunday); Food featured:  Pack of 18 Macaron – RM82; Quatre Quarts ( [...]

Godiva.. and the Chocolate Story..

I love chocolates. I also love Godiva. But I always used to wonder , why they named their chocolates after a naked woman riding on a horse. Did she have some weird fetish for chocolates or was her horse into chocolate baths.. what? Godiva was founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, by Joseph Draps who [...]

Macaron by Delectable Su

If you’ve spent any time in Paris at all, you’d know that the macaron is ubiquitous. And in a city full of fusspots and fussy eaters, it is commendable that an itsy bitsy confectionery such as the macaron, has managed to win the hearts and minds of so many. But the debate rages on -who produces [...]