Underground dining with Chyuan’s Tiffin Supper Club

Secret Supper Club, Underground dining, Private Kitchen.. words that have connotations of elitism and non-mainstream dining. “intimate group”, “by invitation only”, “anti-restaurant”.. adjectives that describe this phenomenon. Of course these days, the supper clubs are a big business of their own. Chefs get to serve what they think is appropriate and while the prices aren’t cheap, […]

10 Reasons to Check out Sunday Tiffin at Colonial Cafe

One upon a time in India, a thousands ‘tiffin-wallahs’ distributed, with amazing accuracy, hundreds upon thousands of lunches to hungry workers, via tiffin carriers. A loving wife or a caring mother might even have packed her husband’s or children’s lunches in this manner. Every day, thousands of Indian folks would get their delicious lunches on […]

From Bukit Mertajam to Taiping

A continuation post from last years returning trip from Penang. While having brunch at an Indian Muslim coffeeshop in Teluk Bahang on Penang Island, a chinese lady with her family suggested I try Bukit Mertajam’s famous laoshu fen (silver needle rice noodle) pork noodles when I headed back to Kuala Lumpur. I have never been […]

Craving Cantonese @ Makan Kitchen

We recently dropped by to Makan Kitchen, located on the 11th floor of Hilton DoubleTree, to sample a special menu created by Chinese Sous Chef Cheong Boon Fei. Entitled ‘Craving Cantonese’, the culinary experience for this month of October, features an array of signature appetizers, BBQ specialities and premium a la carte dishes for a […]

Australian Avocados Masterclass @ Beyond Culinary Studio, Sunway Giza, Petaling Jaya


There is a huge misconception that one shouldn’t eat avocados because they’re high in fat. The latest facts actually show that avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, the heart-healthy kind. Yet scientists are now more interested in the active compounds in avocados that might help prevent cancer. One recent study found that those compounds can […]

Cafe Palma at Mt Kiara Condominiums

Cafe Palma at Mt. Kiara Condominiums. Cool, breezy, overlooking the pool and lounge deck-chairs. If I didn’t know better I would say I was about to have a pool-side dinner in a Holiday Resort. That is the sort of laid-back feeling you get dining and this lovely little pool-side Cafe in Mt Kiara. This cafe […]

Rice Cafe @ Bangsar, KL

Rice Cafe.. we go here to eat rice! The set is extremely affordable. Set Nasi Lemak is just under RM10 but the best thing about this is the accompanying crispy, sizzling, freshly fried, FRIED chicken! For variety, try the lemongrass fried chicken – the herbs are superb.. so good you end up eating the skin […]

Two Monkeys @ Jaya 1, PJ

Two Monkeys at Jaya 1. And I don’t mean Cumi&Ciki either. If the beer at Brussels is over priced and watered down, The Guinness at Two monkeys is way better. We didn’t have much time.. (rush rush rush), so we only tried the Chillied Chicken on skewers. Hunky, succulent breast meat chicken, with spice. Not […]

Restoran Mee Jawa @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

Mee Jawa Restaurant at Casa Tropicana, being a 5 minute drive from our office, is fast becoming our favourite place for lunch! Me and my colleagues love this place for the Mee Jawa! It has a light taste, with just enough oomph! to fill you up but not leave you feeling too sleepy after your […]

RAW @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Farewell LPW.. you will be missed! As our good friend and colleague moves on to greener pastures, we wish him all the best and send him packing with a Bang! What better place to celebrate than at that relatively new party area in Mont Kiara. Compared to its London or New York namesake, this is […]

Our Anniversary

Eventhough you sometimes drive me crazy…. with your KUNGFU PANDA antics…, …your evil knievel jumps.., .. and your gravity defying stunts… It’s nice to know that life with you… will never be boring…. (here’s to many more years of WOO-HOOOO!) Happy Anniversary Babe!

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