10 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is my buddy Sarah, who hails from the UK. This post is about her amazing journey through Sri Lanka, and her tips on what to look out for, if you ever travel to that country. Too oft overlooked for its neighbouring cousin, India, Sri Lanka is a country with much […]

The different Skies of Lapland


Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is the lovely Heather, of the Ruka and Kuusamo Blog. We were completely captivated by her writing as well as the images on her blog and so we asked her to write a guest post for us, about the amazing skies of Lapland. I’m a British expatriate living in Finnish […]

Bullfighting at San Isidro


Ah… about Bullfighting at San Isidro.. I will let my buddy Sue, a writer who lives in Barcelona, tell you more about it, in today’s guestpost, right here.. The torero with nerves of steel in Corrida Vic-Fezensac (France) 2013 Pictures credit: Romain Tastet (do check out this awesome photoset on Flickr – the images are […]

8 Top Must-Visit Restaurants in South Africa

Sabi Sabi_Earth Lodge

South Africa is fast gaining a reputation of being a World Class gourmet destination. The country is huge, and covers many different climate zones, making it a producer of anything from delicate asparagus to juicy mangoes and everything in-between. The vast fields feed dairy and beef cattle, succulent lamb and free range fowl, and the […]

A Photo Essay of Peru

01 cowboy3

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is my buddy CK, who is a food and travel photographer. We managed to persuade him to share some of his most amazing Peru shots here on our blog. Very happy to have him do a photo essay for us.. here is CK! One of my all time favourite travel […]

The Top 10 Places to Visit in 2013


My mate Abigail King, is Blogger in the Spotlight, and today, she shares her Top 10 Places to Visit in 2013.. The place you’ve always wanted to go. You know, the one you read a book about, watched a cartoon about or gazed up at the cinema screen back when you were young enough to […]

10 Things to do in The Summer in Canada


Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS), is my buddy Leigh McAdam, from HikeBikeTravel, with her travel tip on 10 Things to do in The Summer in Canada.. Summer is the one of the best times to visit Canada. Enjoy long days with fifteen plus hours of daylight, lots of sunshine, warm – even hot temperatures, […]

Top 10 Places to Visit for 2012

Algeria Desert

This week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is my buddy and travel mentor, Simon Falvo of Wild About Travel , and she shares her Top 10 Places to Visit For Year 2012. In the Chinese horoscope, the Dragon is a symbol of change and good fortune. I think about what kind of fortune I wish […]

10 ways to Improve Travel Blogging

caz & craig

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is Caz Makepeace of ytravelblog.. and she shares her 10 great tips on how to keep your blog relevant and popular, even as things start to get busy while you’re travelling.. There is nothing easy about travel blogging. It requires hours of hard work and dedication. There are certain strategies […]

10 easy tips to making a good video


Here’s today’s Blogger in the Spotlight, JD Andrews, with his terrific tips on video making. Making a good video is harder than some people think. You may put up a video.. but it doesn’t mean that everyone might want to watch it. By just following the 10 practical steps below, you may just be on […]

6 Ideas for How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


Blogs and businesses have seasons, just like the weather.  Autumn is usually a season of change – a time for new directions and new experiments, the closing of doors and opening of new ones. Are you thinking of taking your blog to the next level?  Trying something new, or fixing something that never worked in […]

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