Three of Newcastle’s tastiest traditional dishes

For being such a small nation there is a huge amount of variety to be found in England. Dialects and accents can de completely transformed in the space of less than 100 miles and traditional foods enjoyed in Cornwall can be quite different to those devoured in Birmingham for example. Such regionality and local identity was once thought to be a bad thing, but these days our differences are being embraced, encouraged and allowed to flourish.

Newcastle Pudding

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If you’re planning a trip to the north east to sample the region’s cuisine you will be well rewarded. The north east has its own culinary creations that vary from those found further south, north and west. From fresh seafood from the North Sea to all manner of sweet cakes, treats and delights, all manner of ingredients are used to tantalise the taste buds. Here are three of the region’s most appetising meals, which you can sample on your next stay in Newcastle. If you are looking for hotel accommodation in the region, check out the Newcastle hotels available from Millennium Hotels. You might even find some traditional north eastern food on the menu in Newcastle hotels, as Geordies are proud of the heritage and tradition.

Pease pudding and stottie cakes

This is not your normal, standard pea soup. This rich, unctuous soup is made using split yellow peas, water, salt, stock, spices and bacon or ham to add richness and flavour. This light yellow coloured soup is served thick, with stottie cake, which is another north eastern food. Stottie cakes are flat, round loafs of bread, around 30cm in diameter. It is a dense, heavy bread that although leavened is doughy and chewy. It’s great for soaking up the pease pudding.

Newcastle Pudding

Puddings are popular British desserts and can be found throughout the United Kingdom. This Newcastle version is a local take on bread and butter pudding. It is flavoured with lemon and served with a tart lemon sauce. It is sweet, gooey and delicious.

Smoked kipper

During the 19th century Northumberland was England’s premier fish smoking region. Local smoking recipes were devised to smoke fish including salmon and kipper, some of which were so popular the county of Northumberland garnered a reputation as having one of the best ‘smokies’ in England. No artificial colours or dyes are used and the same recipes are in place to this day. They are smoked slowly over an oak fire to get them a rich colour and taste that is like anywhere else.

Find out more about Britain’s region cuisines on the Great British Kitchen website.




  1. kippers! that’s the smoked fish that’s often served with scrambled eggs, right. i’ve never actually had that combination before, but i imagine it’d be quite a savory and delicious dish :D

  2. wow. the smoked kipper looks good……. Ciki, can u try out the recipe and share with me?;P maybe I can just come over to yr place…and give you some wise comment…hahah!

  3. The Newcastle pudding is a must try as I love lemon pies and puddings! And the fourth classic has to be my favorite Newcastle Ale!!

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