Delicious Regional Delicacies of the UK

The UK really isn’t known for its cuisine, quite the contrary in fact. If you are planning a culinary tour in Europe you are likely to pick Italy, France, or maybe the new kid on the block, Spain. The UK does, however, have some great regional delicacies that are proudly served throughout the country.

If you are heading to the UK on holiday then make sure to take in some of these delicious baked treats. You are sure to not be disappointed!

1. Grasmere Gingerbread – The Lake District


photo credit – Chris Ibbotson

At the heart of the Lake District, in a small country cottage you will find a gingerbread treat like no other. You are likely to smell the cottage before you see it, and once you get closer just look for the line. People come from all over Britain for Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread, and have been for over one hundred years. The recipe that is used today is unaltered from the original version, and though the exact ingredients are a secret the heavily spiced biscuits are filled with candied peel and molasses. This isn’t a ginger biscuit for the faint of heart! It packs a punch and is sure to have you wanting more. That the biscuits can be shipped around the world is testament to this.

There are few better ways to enjoy this delicious treat then with a hot drink following an invigorating hike through the beautiful Lake District landscape. Stop off at Sarah Nelson’s cottage on your way back to your holiday accommodation in the Lake District and the warm cookies will fill the house with their comforting scent.

2. Welsh cakes – Wales

Welsh Cakes at Cheese & Wine Festival 2012

photo credit – Great British Chefs

The Welsh cake isn’t strictly a cake really; it’s more of a biscuit or a slightly flattened scone. Regardless, these lightly spiced and fruit spiked treats are delicious and make the prefect accompaniment to a warm cup of tea. You will find slight variations in the recipe for these tasty little morsels across Wales, some having more spice, some using sultanas while others prefer currants. No matter the recipe they are all cooked in the same way though, on a traditional grill stone on the cook top. There are few things better to warm you up on a cold and windy day in Wales.

3. Bakewell Tarts – Derbyshire

bakewell tarts still in their pans

photo credit – mary.w.e

The history of the Bakewell tart, or Bakewell pudding, is somewhat unclear, though is generally believed to involve an inept cook and a happy accident. No matter the origins, this almond and jam tart has become an institution in its home county. The tart is simple enough, a pastry case with a layer of jam on the bottom followed by an almond sponge mixture. Today they are most often finished with a layer of white icing and topped with a cherry, though they are traditionally finished just with a scattering of sliced almonds.

The town of Bakewell in the Peak District is the place to go to try out this delicacy, with every bakery claiming to have the best ones in town. You’ll just have to give them all a try and make the decision for yourself!

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Today’s guestwriter is A. Andrews who hails from the UK. She is proud to be English and definitely proud of the traditional delicacies in her region and with so many hot favourites to choose from, who can blame her?


  1. How about Lee Hou Fouk’s? Gonna get a big dish of beef chow mein.

  2. mmmm, jammy, nutty tarts! i could happily and greedily gobble up 10 of those for the perfect teatime treat :D

  3. I had to check this out to see if the page was blank!! I am just kidding! :)
    I spent this past weekend at a Scottish festival and they have some dishes they could be on this list as well.

    • LOL Jeremy!! Of course it wasn’t blank:P I LOVE Scottish fare.. you’re right I can think of my all time favourite – HAGGIS! haha

  4. Enjoyed some great food whilst hill walking in the Lake District last summer, superb fresh local produce.

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