Top 5 Luxury Hotels & Resorts to Stay at When in India

Traveling abroad when vacationing is something that most people spend a great deal of time planning, as they pen different attractions and must-see destinations into their calendars, and also as they try to determine their budgets so that the bottom line is kept in check.

One of the more popular tourist destinations in the world today happens to be a vacation in India—as this rapidly expanding industrialized nation continues to experience strong growth, many unique and absolutely signature hotels have been opened for tourists to lodge at if they find themselves in the land of spices for leisure. A few of these luxury hotels in India easily garner top rankings, and the following seven should definitely be on your list of considerations if you find that a relaxing get-away to this country is next on your travel list.

Udaipur at dusk

Udaipur – photo credit Daveybot

1. Oberoi Udaivilas – Udaipur, Rajasthan: Imagine this—you arrive in India and are greeted by a private driver at the airport who carts you to the beautiful Lake Pichola, where you board a private boat that whisks you across the crystal blue waters to the gorgeous and entirely restored and domed palace on the lakefront. Upon arrival, you are escorted to the garden, where a private table that’s ornately decorated offers welcoming champagne and canapés. This palace features 87 ultra-luxurious rooms and boasts a 30 acre plot overlooking the lake to one side and the Aravalli Mountains to the other. If you come here, ask them about the private dinner on the lake, where you literally eat on a floating pontoon that’s romantically lit with lanterns.


Oberoi Udaivilas - photo credit Se Mo

2. Oberoi Amarvilas – Agra, Uttar Pradesh: This popular Mughal palace actually is designed to mimic the world famous Taj Mahal, which is located nearby (about 600 meters away). The intricate architecture features classic domes, patterned designs and Moorish archways that are certain to appease. You can even book rooms with terraces that offer a one-of-a-kind view of the Taj Mahal, something that is a spectacle for the eyes to see when the sun is setting in the west. Fountains, terraces, gardens and reflecting pools are amongst the decadences offered in this tapestry strewn palace that features 102 rooms and a patio bar with a grand view of one of the Wonders of the World.

3. Oberoi Rajvilas – Jaipur, Rajasthan: The Rajasthani-style fort is entirely restored here, as is the famous Jaipur hotel mansion that’s hundreds of years old. Inside of the fort there are 54 luxury rooms that are situated on a 32 acres site that features lush green lawns, perfectly landscaped gardens and flower beds, and ponds that are covered in lotus. You can also opt to stay in one of the 14 luxury tents, which feature air conditioning, patios, teak floors and hot tubs. When here, make sure to opt for the super relaxing Ayurvedic treatment at the five star spa located in the mansion.

Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace – photo credit Dey

4. Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur, Rajasthan: This 18th century palace features real turrets and 1000s of tons of white marble, with 83 luxury rooms that overlook Lake Pichola. The hotel also boasts an exotic private island in the middle of the lake, where guests are carted to and fro using a private canopied boat. When here, make sure to book a lakeside room, which is decorated with comfy sofas and priceless oriental rugs, and offers a lakeside terrace view that’s second-to-none. For the hopelessly romantic, enjoy a quiet dinner on the Mewar Terrace that’s hosted by your own private butler.

5. The Imperial – New Delhi, Delhi: This lavish luxury escape offers a unique mixture of Victorian that meets Art Deco, something that you will see with the design of its interior and the more than 230 rooms that it offers. While located inside of the nation’s capital, and just a stone throw away from Connaught Place, the three private acres that this hotel is nestled into ensures privacy. When here, you have plenty of options for room sizes that can accommodate all types of budgets; particular rooms of interest include 22, 23, and 40, which offer spectacular views of the green lawns. Make sure that you take a guided tour of the palace so that you can view the many famous works of art that are hung inside, including works by notable artists such as: Emily Eden, James Ferguson, Thomas and William Daniells, William Hodges, William Simpson and J.B. Fraser.


This post was written by freelance writer Frank Guzman. Guzman has been traveling the world and blogging about his adventures. Guzman also writes for Expedia in his free time.





  1. Would love to stay in a luxury resort in India!

  2. whoa, the taj lake palace sure looks like it’s fit for a maharajah! somehow it manages to look both impressively stately and charming :D

  3. So posh… if only I could afford such a luxurious stay! :(

  4. Yet another place I haven’t been to yet. Oh wow, all these hotels really are very high class.

  5. Oberoi and Taj chains are famous in India. Obviously, look at how luxurious it is!!

  6. India is very beautiful country, God has created very peacefully. The hotel and places are viewable once in life and jaipur is called pink city. Great India and Great Indians.

  7. As we all know that Jaipur is Pink City, we have to visit in a life if we get chance, This is GOD Gift to India.If you like peace then visit Jaipur, Great Jaipur Great India, Thanks GOD

  8. We know Jaipur is pink city, in Jaipur people are good helping natures, near Jaipur there are so many other attractions. The culture of Rajasthan is too good, I like Jaipur, Udaipur and whole Rajasthan.

  9. Jaipur is pink city, the color is for peace, if you want peace in life or if you want to pass your old age with peace then go pink city Jaipur, India’s most beautiful city of Rajasthan.

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