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There is an infinite variety of delicious ways to cook freshwater prawns.

And when Uncle Prawn Seafood Restaurant recently opened it’s doors to the public at Sunway Giza,they showed that they really knew how to deliver fresh Chinese seafood cuisine and deliver it well. This place, if not already famous, should be famous for their “Tai Tau Har” or in literal translation, “Big Head Prawn”. These prawns are meaty with a characteristically large head and breed in fresh water.

The Sang Har Mee (freshwater prawn noodles), is to die for. Fresh and succulent, this dish is the perfect marriage of carbo and protein that will satiate the appetite of any good Chinaman. The Chinese love their noodles and they love their seafood. For that sort of crazy obsession, God inspired and Man created, the Sang Har Mee!


Egg noodles deep-fried and soaked in a smooth eggy sauce accompanying the succulent, massive prawn. This was, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most sinfully, pleasurable dish for me that night.

My dad once told me that in the past, some of the largest prawns could be caught, just a couple of hundred kilometres from the mouth of the river. If a river is clean and the water well oxygenated, it will be reflected in the distribution and size of its prawns. But the human appetite for river prawns became much bigger than rivers could satisfy naturally, and shrimp farms with ponds have come into being to fill the gap. Farm-raised prawns have proliferated these days, but the true seafood connoisseur will swear by the fact that the meat texture and flavour are far inferior to that of the wild river prawn.


Anyway, the night was still young and there were more delicious surprises headed our way. As if to really send the message home, that Uncle Prawn, is the king off the prawn.. they served us the next dish which was the “angled loofah with river prawns”. This was prepared in a slightly different manner in evaporated milk that brought out the creaminess of the prawn fats. I like the prawns at Uncle Prawn because their meat is firm yet delicately flavoured with no fishy odour. The head is filled with the orange prawn fat that is so addictive. You can see how yellow the stock is indicating a good amount of roe swimming around in there somewhere! These babies go for RM25 each by the way, but totally worth it.

Well, those two were the highlights for the night, for me, but check out the other dishes we had.

Crispy Pork Belly in Honey

Who finds this the most addictive snack to go with beer and a football match, raise your hands (I just raised mine). These marinated deep fried pork belly strips were gone in 30 seconds flat. Not good, but oh, so good!


Deep Fried Butter Sauce Squid

More starters of deep fried squid coated in a butter sauce with cili padi and Indian curry leaves. These were a little bit too rich for me.


“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

More main courses to steal the show..


This is a crazy pot of surprises.. I mean, just check out the size of that frog leg! I’m talking Clams, crab, prawns, frog legs and konyaku in a steamy, super spicy curry. Be prepared to sweat and tear! Oh, make sure you dig deep.. right at the bottom of the pot was a thin piece of fried minced pork which added a sweet, rounded flavour to the dish. No wonder the curry was so sweet!


Crispy Homemade Tofu with Mushrooms and Broccoli


Deep-fried Red Tilapia

This fish was amazing. It’s flesh was removed and deep-fried in butter. This really is the fish version of the butter prawn. Considering this method of cooking transformed the otherwise boring Tilapia into a gorgeous, tasty dish, I was impressed.


Braised Sweetened Pork Rib with Mantou (Deep fried or Steamed buns)

Wobbly pork ribs with just enough fat to make you shudder with delight, this was another winner. Wrap bites sizes of the ribs in deep fried buns and let the bread soak up the flavour. Awesome.

lemongrass jelly with fruits and lemon juice

Finally, desserts of Black Jelly, as well as Lemongrass Jelly with fruits were served and that was the perfect conclusion to a perfect dinner. A big Thank you to “Uncle Prawn” and wife, for hosting. We will definitely be back with more friends in the not too distant future.

– Crispy Pork Belly in Sweet Sauce – RM12
– Milk Butter Squid – RM12

– Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon (RM4 pax)- RM118
– Sang Har Mee in Creamy Sauce – RM25 per prawn
– Butter style Deep Fried Talapia Fried – RM40/kg
– River Prawn in Angled Loofah – RM30/prawn
– Sweetened Braised Pork Ribs with Mantao – RM22.80
– Lemongrass Jelly – RM4.50
– Gui Ling Gao – RM4.50

From now till July 31, spend RM50 at Uncle Prawn and you will get a tilapia for just RM1. If your bill exceeds RM80, you will get 300g of tiger prawns at just RM1.

Uncle Prawn,
Unit A-15, Sunway Giza,
Jalan PJU 5/14,
Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 6148 1998
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  1. I want Uncle Prawn as my personal chef!! Prob too much to stomach in one sitting so I imagine spread out over a week, everything here would do very nicely! :-)

  2. OMG. What a delicious cholesterol-icious meal! 😀
    (The prawns look absolutely succulent)

  3. Oooh, the pics are awesome!

  4. Can’t comment on the text yet, cos Ive yet to read it (for now). Smell ya later

  5. nice pics.

  6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon really make me drooling but will the curry too overpowering the freshness of the seafood?

    • A little yea.. some love it for the crustacean overload. Curry lovers will swear by this. It was good too, but like you, i prefer my seafood in a clear base;)

  7. gosh am so hungry looking at the prawns…. *sobs sobs*

  8. awesome prawns … Squid … All you got to do is add steak and I am about as happy as it gets.

    Great to see the prices there too. At least i know how many “verys” to add in my thank yous for taking me there!

    • thank u for ur cute comment. er, dunno who to break this to u, but steak is not a garnishing. (u eat everything with steak?! LOL)

  9. actually I was kinda surprised when I saw the price listing at the end of your blog! It’s not that expensive after all! A perfect place to bring Sher Ryn along too!
    I don’t care whether the prawns are caught in the wild or reared.. as long as they are fresh and the meat is succulent, I’m Ok with it!
    And you haven’t seen bigger frog leg… I actually ate one with the size of a spring chicken thigh 😛 but this kind of size is hard to find nowadays!

    • thule, this place will be perfect for your kiddos! air-conditioned and with ample space and good service. The kids won’t feel hot and bothered :)

  10. how about I wanna eat toooo!!

  11. How do you know all this stuff? Just amazing. I fell for it from the first pic. Wow I’m hungry! Again! It’s great. I never know KL is full of delicious food!

  12. Your prawns looks very sexy. I want to ravage them! :p
    Where is this place, BTW? I keep hearing about Giza. The only Giza I know is in Egypt.

  13. Mmmmm noodles sound lurveeee! Not sure about that one pot wonder of assorted protein. Shudder…

  14. reading this at nite is no good. makes me really hungry when I’m all stranded in the hotel.

  15. Seriously, do u have to do this to me??! Havent been home in a year, and your food pictures are urging me to book a ticket RIGHT NOW bk to Singapore and hop over to KL and pig out with you! God, kill me please. No, I dont want no paella, I want deep-fried squid, crabs and prawns!

  16. Wah …. all about prawns?! I browsed through Sunway Giza’s list of eateries the other day, and I thought Uncle Prawn’s a kopitiam pulak. hehe …
    Love how they combine angled loofah with prawns, in a milky base.
    And that claypot of Dragon/Tiger with everything is lip smacking.

  17. a place that so hard to resist on the food, or your food phtoography make it so impressive? :p

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