Truffle butter.

It’s not some snooty food obsession to turn up your nose at.

It is a cult initiation that only the privileged are handed the password to.

It is an illicit love affair with no way out.

It is a taste like no other. One sniff. One slather. You are totally hooked.

Close your eyes. Sip your wine. Embrace the musk.

Truffle butter. I have found my raison d’Γͺtre.


Cilantro is back.

And with it, perfection on a plate.

Exquisitely fresh, creatively crafted dishes by the man himself , Chef Takashi Kimura, be prepared to dine on contemporary cuisine in a soothing atmosphere where you will be treated like the princess that you are.

Trust me when I say that Cilantro is the luxe version of Sage.

Everything is taken up a notch.


And yes, of course I love this place for the Truffle butter that they serve . This stuff does not come cheap and due to the perishability of the truffle, it can last only a couple of weeks, tops. The butter that is used to make it is far creamier than normal butter. Something I would kill for, on a regular basis. Fortunately, I do not have to incur the wrath of God by breaking Commandment no.6, as this very truffle butter, object of my obsession, will soon be available for purchase here. Eating crackers in front of the T.V. just got way more expensive!

The Food


Salad of Summer Seafood and Vegetables with Ohba Vinaigrette


Poached Grain Fed Chicken with Foie Gras and Mushroom Jus


Steamed Seabass with King Crab and Spinach Broth (option 1)


Grilled Wagyu and Angus Beef (option 2)


Mascarpone Ice Cream with Espresso Jelly and Tuile


What can I say about the food?

Although inspired by French cuisine, Cilantro employs a lot of Asian ingredients that are seasonal and superbly fresh. You can see the careful construction of aesthetically pleasing contemporary French-Japanese cuisine come alive on your plate. The colors, textures, shapes and finally flavours are just a delight to behold.

Of the entire dining experience today, I must say that I enjoyed the Salad of Summer Seafood and Vegetables with Ohba Vinaigrette and the Steamed Seabass with King Crab and Spinach Broth the most because, the freshness of these two dishes were startlingly apparent. Also, Chef Takashi Kimura’s resulting dishes ultimately are a reflection of his prowess in taking a bit from each ingredient, throwing them together and then letting the flavours merge to wonderful, harmonious effect. Of course the other dishes had little surprises of their own and were equally good, but I will not ruin the experience for you by revealing everything. At the moment, Cilantro offers the Evening Menu i.e. the 7 course degustation that goes for RM300 ++ or the Lunch menu that is inclusive of a glass of Kir Royale for the amazing amount of just RM150++ .

Cilantro. Perfection personified.

Let the harmony and subtle magic on your plate transport you into a different culinary realm.


Address :
Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar,
MiCasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2179 8082 or +603 2179 8082
Fax: +603 2164 3730
Opening Hours
Lunch – Fridays only (12.00pm-2.00pm)
Dinner – Monday-Saturday (6.00pm-10.30pm)
Closed on SundaysThe dress code is smart casual.

Google Maps (N03


  1. i am sold, lets go on friday!!

  2. OMG omG. I must go!

  3. Your pics are a reminder of what an opulent lunchie it was. Mmmm…

  4. i wanna kidnap chef takashi and make him my personal slave so that i can eat his food every day! πŸ˜€

  5. J the chocoholic says:

    Sean! If u kidnap him then can I come visit (a lot) pleeeeeeeasseee? :)

  6. Oh Ciki, I love all your posts but this one on Cilandro is simply gorgeous! Hope you’ll take me there when I’ll comee to KL!!!

  7. I love love love Cilantro. have to confess that though i prefer Sage’s location and ambience, the food at Cilantro is still superior.

  8. Yummy, my mouth is watering and I just ate breakfast! Great photos.

  9. Nice review and a nice reminder to the excellent food there. Did they still have miyazaki beef on the menu?

  10. Superb!
    Truffle butter available for sale? Hohhoo…*dances in joy*

    So so..tis Fri on?? ;p

  11. Wow, this place looks delicious. I am ready to take a bite out of my computer.

  12. You had me at truffle butter. Oh yes you did. πŸ˜‰

  13. another food review that I didn’t afford to :(

  14. am hungry oredi!!! *sniff sniff*

  15. omg i miss cilantro, but my wallet doesn’t agree!

  16. Wow, your description and the photos – I just love the presentation of this place. :)

  17. i also wanna go! the food looks great. So jealous! hmmph

  18. MY TRUFFLE BUTTER!! Sigh how i miss it

  19. Beautifully shot, deliciously written … You did Cilantro proud.

    Care to go in September? πŸ˜‰

  20. Aw…gonna clean my keyboard…salivating…the seabass so temting >.<

  21. Gurl, your piccies very nice yo… changed to SLR ka?

  22. You are bad! How come can you share this kind of pictures with us?

  23. You are bad! How can you share this kind of pictures with us?

  24. Hm! Oh my,
    Salad of Summer Seafood and Vegetables with Ohba Vinaigrette.
    It looks super awesome.
    Find dining is something I don’t often do, but it’s certainly awesome thing ! :)
    I can’t wait to go back KL! :)

  25. now you tempted me to splurge!!

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