Mama Min’s Studio – Grand Opening!

DSC05774Word is out!

Mama min has moved her baking from home to Mama Min Studio located in Damasara Perdana. Mama Min’s new baking Studio will also be offering baking and decorating classes to adults and children.

Her aim is to have a place where everyone feels at home. She is trying to capture what she experienced in the UK attending classes with Debbie Brown and Alan Dunn, where classes were held at decorator’s/student’s home.

Mama Min feels that an informal setting to learn and also socialize is far more effective than a rigid setting. Even though this place is not opened for retail (no ready made cakes or cupcakes for sale), Min totally welcomes friends to visit for some coffee and chat!  She is normally at the studio from 10am – 6pm every day (10am – 1pm on Sunday) unless she has classes outside or is out of town.

Min has even set up a kiddies area for moms (and dads) who would like to attend classes but may not have someone to watch their kids at home. Kids can hang out to read or play while waiting for mom/dad. How lovely!

Here are some photos from the lovely opening of Mama Min’s Baking Studio.


A really delicious spread at the launch.  Cakes and food all courtesy of Mama Min.


Finger food that was finger-licking good.


Patrick Teoh (famous for his website Niamah!!!) and husband to Mama Min.


The legendary baker himself, Mr. Fatboybakes gives his trademark, stamp of approval;)

He only makes that face when the food is good!

Mama Min Studio

Proud Hugs all round!


Congratulations from C&C!

Mama Min Studio,
P-L32 Lower Ground Floor,
Perdana Shopping Centre (formerly The Tropics)
Jalan PJU 8/1
Damansara Perdana, PJ

Mama Min Studio is located on the same floor as Jaya Grocers Supermarket.
Google Maps


  1. waa congrats!

  2. Congrats Mama Min! So cute la FBB!! :)

  3. congrats mamamin!!

  4. Oh wow look at that! What a wonderful pictures & people! :) Looks great Mei.
    Take me there whem I visit KL!
    And send my congrats to Mama Min!

  5. i’ve never baked anything before in my life! wonder if it’s too late for me to learn … they say u can’t teach an old dog new tricks, after all! 😀

  6. Wah… my friend has a boutique here too! I can check it out when I visit her some time..

  7. Congrats MamaMin!!!

  8. Sounds like a very fun and workable concept! Looking forward to having classes, and coffee, there! 😀 Congrats, Min!

  9. Who could have thoz that the rude bad boy of Disco & Radio City has now morphed into soft ( hopefully gentle & nice ) creamy de cakeees
    – no doubt thanks to delicate Mama Min ( mia ! )

    congrats to MM via C&C

  10. Such nice, happy, bright colours – may many, many delicious cakes and pastries be baked & enjoyed from the studio!

    Congrats, Mama Min’s! :)

  11. congratulations to mama min! She looked so happy!

  12. yeah, congratulations min!!!!

  13. pushpanjali says:

    really happy to see ur studio congrats!! had ordered cake for my sons 1 birthday in wangsa maju….. miss ur cake for his second birthday we r in india. just love ur cake.

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