Caption Contest


Happy Wesak Day to our Readers who celebrate it.

We are out of town this weekend. Can you guess where we are..? (hint: it is dubbed the historical state, and the 3rd smallest state in Malaysia).


The TWO questions to answer are:

1. Where are we?

2. Write a caption for the above photo.

Rules & Regulations:
1. Multiple entries are accepted.
2. Deadline 31st May 2010 at midnight (Malaysian time).

3. Write the best caption and win. Both questions must be answered.
3. The judge's decision is final.
4. Winner gets a full expenses paid dinner with C&C !
5. Bribes will not be accepted but you will not be penalized for trying:P

6. For those who do not live in Malaysia, there is no expiry date
   on the prize so we will hold it till you come visit us here in KL:)




  1. Happy Vesak Day, Cumi & Ciki!

    1. Somewhere on earth.
    2. Pretty blacks in a colorful surroundings :)

  2. location: Melaka, Malaysia.

    caption: ‘Oh come on … This is how Lady Gaga got started!’

    Nice post, bet those ladies didnt want lunch with you!

  3. Location: Melaka

    Caption: Ninja’s embarrassed after they employed a florist to build the new batmobile.

  4. Location: Melaka for sure.
    Caption: “No photos please – or our husbands will know we are out and about instead of cooking and cleaning.”
    Ooooh….publish at your peril!

  5. Tee hee… I am totally ineligible for this contest considering I was there when the pic was taken… LOL

  6. location: melaka

    Caption: “don’t worry ladies, I won’t tell them your bikinis match my bike”

  7. Brother B says:

    1. Melaka, Malaysia
    2. “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden”


  8. Location:Melaka
    OMG did he just fart?

  9. Location: Melaka
    Caption: While her two sisters persist in exercising calculated coyness and modesty, Fahimah takes the opportunity in the trishaw behind them to smile defiantly to the crowd like a Western imperialist beauty queen.

  10. 1. Melaka
    2. Man : “What do you say??? hu??”
    Women : “Oh sorry just keep going and stop staring us!”

  11. Brother B says:

    On the ride of shame after caught consuming too many chicken rice balls. Only 2 balls allowed per woman

  12. Brother B says:

    After the box office success of SEX AND THE CITY 2, the plan is to produce a local clean / appropriate version. All the 4 women are there, being chauffered around with lots of roses. The caption is of course titled SECT AND THE CITY 3

  13. Entry #2:

    Having been whispered to sweet-nothings and the urgent promise of her readiness to be shown off as his trophy foreign wife just the previous night, Zainal realises that he’s been taken for a ride.

  14. location: Melaka

    caption: Guy: These two better don’t melt away before they pay me, you two are not light ok!

  15. caption 2: miss, you ask me to take you go sightseeing, macam ini how to sight see?

  16. caption 3: eh puan, no need to malu, ini dekat distance, not considered khalwat. wont get caught one, relak ler.

  17. well, since i’ve never won, i’m not even gonna bother this time.

  18. Brother B says:



    women: Don’t look into my eyes….It stuns…it kills…because i’m a modern version of madusa….

    ps:if my eyes doesnt stun you then it will kill you..why? because my hubby will hunt you down for you:P


    women: Don’t look into my eyes….It stuns…it kills…because i’m a modern version of madusa….

    ps:if my eyes doesnt stun you then it will kill you..why? because my hubby will hunt you down for sure:P

  21. “Our holiday in Melaka. My wife’s on the left, and my SIL’s on the right. *pauses* Waitaminit.. my wife’s on the right, and my SIL’s on the left.. I think..”

  22. location : melaka


    THE GUY: told you both ealier , this is malaysia , must buckle up while on the ride…you both gonna pay for the SAMAN

    THE LADIES: OMG….i dint even bring enough “MONEY for coffee”…how can we gonna pay for the SAMAN….”NO EYE SEE”

  23. Adelene Wee says:

    Location: Melaka

    Caption: *giggles* OMG he’s sooooo handsome!

  24. Location: Melaka, Malaysia


    Cyclo driver: So ladies, are we off to the same destination? The pole dancing macho men in tight g-strings?

    Women: Oh no~!!! Told ya we should have taken the taxi today!

  25. Entry #3:

    Cinderella mutters a private prayer of thanks for having skipped out on the acne gene, while her two evil stepsisters grapple with the shield of shame against the scrutiny of the handsome suitor.

  26. It is in Melaka, Malaysia.

    Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true.
    I’m so crazy for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I do not have a carriage,
    I only have… specially for you,
    A tricycle made for two!

  27. 1. Melaka, Malaysia

    2. Daylight Ninja!

  28. Location: Melaka, Malaysia
    Caption: “Al-Habibe’s guide to tanning on holiday: Tip One -Make sure all areas of the body are covered and protected with sufficient SPF.”

  29. location: melaka jonker’s street
    caption: zomg i can’t take this boom boom music anymore!

  30. 1. Melaka
    2. “I told you to remind me to shave this morning.” “Ah, so sorry I forgot to shave myself” Both, “Aiya! No face see.”

  31. 1. Melaka.
    2. Blue veiled woman to black veiled woman, “How could you forget the breath mints? At least sisters rickshaw driver doesn’t have halitosis”

  32. 1. Malacca or Melaka
    2. Tourists cover up from the heat and smog while braving the streets of Malacca on a colorful and flowery tricycle.

  33. 1. Malacca

    2. OMG my sista, told ya nevar go out under the burning sun in Malacca even all wrapped up!!! See now… no matter how much of Whitening Cream I soak in will never rid of the tan!

  34. 1. Streets of Melaka
    2. Driver: “Excuse me ma’am, why is your head scarf blue and the rest are in black?”
    Blue scarf woman: “Yarabi! My husband’s gonna kill me if he finds out. Better cover my face now. You, 2nd wife! Cover your face too so he won’t regconise us.”
    Woman who’s smiling happily behind (who’s probably the 3rd wife): “Woohoo! I’m showing my face. She’s gonna get it this time. This is such a fantastic holiday!”

  35. 1. Malacca (Melaka) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    2. A bride in black getting a serious panic attack on her big day. “Err, maybe I should’ve gone for the white wedding gown…” :-)

  36. 1. Melaka
    2. Man : Woi ah moi! payung ni tak cukup besar ke?…

    • prem adheesh lekhi says:

      camera shy
      i am driving you in my trishaw all day

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