London – Marriot Kensington, Harrods, Harvey Nichols .

Liquid History! Touchdown London.. but not before I witnessed a spectacular sunrise .. The River Thames has served several roles in human history-  an economic resource, a water highway, a boundary, a fresh water source, also a source of food.. I was just happy to see it after a 12 hour flight.

Omnia Omnibus Ubique — All Things for All People, Everywhere. HARRODS.

That green smudge on the photo is Harrods, in color.

Harrods in the distance from Armani.

Up close and personal. Harrods.

Window display – An extremely dark Dorothy, from Kansas. I want a dress like that. I already have make up like  that, in that shade;)

Wizard of Oz – Scarecrow.

Window display Harrods.

Can anyone tell me where the hell this fits into the wizard of Oz.. Looks like some retro 80’s hairdo.

More darkness.

Big hair , big love (reserved for chick on the left). Dude right looks like young bowie.

Anyway, on the next bright and sunny day,we walked from the Marriott on Kensington, all the way to Oxford street.

Up at every morning at around 8 a.m. Too many things to do. Too little time.

The Marriott on Kensington for approximately 200 pound sterling a night, a real fantastic place to stay in Zone 1.. central and convenient.

Sainsbury’s was just across the road from the Marriott.. did I not say that this place was convenient!

It was a sunny day, so it was great for shopping and walking around , but not so great for photography of the window displays. Basically , the glass reflected everything.

Apparently, Harvey Nichols was founded in 1813 as a linen shop.. This place attracts a younger crowd than Harrods .. i.e. the crowd looks closer to my age, but the price tag is just as expensive if not more:P

To me, the window displays at Harvey Nic’s were more gorgeous than Harrods even. Unfortunately the sun was so bright, it was hard to get a clear, crisp shot. That is the building you see, in most backgrounds, across the road from H.N.

to be continued…

Next up… makan at Marcus Wareing.. :)

How not to put on weight ?!


  1. And I thought I had a cool and good job … WAH! So nice … Love the window displays.

    Have a super time, babe!!

  2. Hehe, Harrods is a whole lot darker than my last visit… but we saw some funky display dolls too, then… more of Alice in Wonderland with the poker cards though… 😛

  3. Love the shots! You’ve always take great shots! Hope you had fun there…

  4. WELCOME HOMEEE!!!! *hugsss* :)

  5. Very nice photos! London, I wish I can go…

  6. Was it cold??

  7. gorgeous sights! makes me wanna buy some winter wear and hop on a plane there tomorrow! 😀

  8. jules, kenny, eiling :
    Thanks guys.. so kind.. more to come;)

    J, HB:
    thank u .. good to be back.. CHAR KWEY TEOW!

    yes, wet and warm.. then dry and freezing. one afternoon there was lightning.. damn weird weather 😛


  9. apparently, when one has tired of london, one has tired of life.
    dammit woman. i want to see the thames again too! especially when my baby daughter keeps belting out RULE BRITANNIA…

  10. just wondering… the pictures from the above… were they taken also by Sony T100?

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